3 Things I do For Myself Monthly & You Should Too

Hi Loves,
I'm finding that sharing more about balanced life rather than just what i'm wearing is actually more fun for me and has some sort of meaning. Of course I love telling you about my sales and clothing but I've found more passion in sharing with you what adds to my quality of life in hope that it will inspire you. Also, I'm open to hear what you are into that's adding value and quality to your life. Comment below at anytime or email me. 
So, three things I do monthly for myself, and you should too. 

1. I get a Facial- yes, I know it is very vain but hear me out. Your skin is what you live in. You show up and so does your skin. Of course I am obsessed with skin care (go to beauty tab to check out some of my faves and recommendations). I get a facial once per month because it really helps me to feel better about my skin. My face feels great and looks great for the most part. I've been doing electrolysis for over a year now so I do have a few spots on my chin but that's expected until  I am done with the treatment. Other than that, I can attest to my skin being healthy, through continued home regimen and a monthly facial. I'd say research a good local place or ask a friend for recommendation. They tend to be costly but try this-I will bring lunch to work for two weeks straight or cut back on eating out to balance out my facial money. Try that!

2. I rearrange something in my home. Sometimes, I move a chair, add a new vase or change cushion covers. Something, anything! You'd be surprise how your mood changes when you change up your home. Remember you live there and it's the same old vibe over and over. Change up your vibe monthly even just a small change and see how it affects your mood, positively. 

3. Take a long drive (car, bus or train), unplug and relax. You can do this with a friend, family member, significant other or just yourself. Unplug from work, social media, life's stressors an just live for a few hours in the moment. This really helps to balance your mind and rejuvenate your spirt. 

Deets on my look:

I wore this look for a quick dinner with my guy. No make up, just some lip gloss and I felt refreshed. Pants is from Who What Wear at Target, hat is Forever21, tank is from Duluth Clothing, Sandals are Fenty Puma, Jacket is William Rast, bag vintage Louis Vuitton, and sunnies Kate Spade. 
Hope this post was helpful



Finding Your Power & Making It Work For You

Hi guys, 
Hope all is well with you. Today, I wanted to touch on a little motivational topic. I titled this post "Finding Your Power & Making It Work For You". In my circle of close friends and family, I am the one that pushes everyone. If my zodiac sign has anything to do with it (I'm a Virgo) then i'll give it credit of helping me to be a good motivator- that is my power. I see the power in folks they don't see in themselves and I always try to find ways to ensure they see that and encourage them to embark on it. Your power doesn't have to be tangible. Most times it is quite the opposite. Maybe you have  knack for telling stories in the most theatrical way that engages those around you or maybe your spirit is so calming that it helps those around you to be at ease and calm. We don't get to step out of our own bodies and see who we are and our impact, or the beauty your 'power'. Everyone has a "power" and it's up to you/us to center ourselves, pay attention to ourselves, and find it.

Now, how do we make that power work for us? Two things, you can build a business or brand out of it or you can simply know it, use it for the greater good. To build a business will take a much more invested dive. Maybe you consult a life coach or someone of similar standing to help you there. I just wanted to let you all know, you have a 'POWER' in you. Now, go find it and make it work for you. 

Outfit Deets:
Summer is coming to an end and I had wore this dress a few weeks back. I actually got it from Amazon. My sunnies are Ray-ban, sandals form a Jamaican Designer- Briget Sandals and bag Rebecca Minkoff. 
Have a beautiful week, Loves.



My Stay At Howlita Hotel In Mexico + 2 Nights Free Giveaway

Hi Guys,
For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know I was in Tulum last month for a week. Oh, I cannot begin to tell you how amazing my week was in Tulum. It was such a much needed trip and I would do it all over again right now if you asked me. 
Today's post, I wanted to share with you one of the hotels I stayed in, Howlita Hotel plus a chance for you to win 2 nights free (more on that later) at this amazing hotel. 
 I wanted to experience Tulum entirely. I wanted both the typical Tulum touristy vibe and then I wanted the local vibe. Many of you know I am an Island gal (Jamaican) and so I'm very inclined to what both sides of visiting a tourist destination has to offer. Howlita Hotel was a perfect blend between touristy and local feel. Upon entering, my room was bright and cozy, right off the pool area. The hotel is very intimate and friendly. The staff will greet you with a smile and offer tons of advice as to what to do, where to go, and what to eat. They will really tailor their advice to your lifestyle. 
Howlita has bikes for it's guest and you can easily check one out to make your way for food or riding into the town. By the way, biking is the best way to get around locally. Parking can be tough. Simply ask the staff their advice based on where you'd like to go. 
You say pool-time? Oh yes! Howlita only has nine rooms and so this makes it for sure intimate. With that, the pool was never crowded and I had it all to myself for a while. I had the most relaxed evening here while they played covers to some of the most popular songs over speaker phones throughout the outside space. 
The weather called for everything light and airy. I had to take a quick snap under the beautiful archway at Howlita property. I was in flora heaven. 
 The overall feel at Howlita is simple, relaxed and calming. Breakfast is served in the cutest nook adjoined to the pool. 
The rest of the property is decorated with the cutest bean-bags and hammocks in true Tulum vibe.
 If I haven't done a true job at encouraging you to visit Howlita and enjoy the beauty of Tulum, then here's an extra incentive. I met the owner, we had a talk, and he agreed to give my readers a chance to win two nights stay (FOR FREE) at Howlita. I mean, is this amazing or what? See below and enter. 

I teamed up with Howlita to give one of my lucky readers a 2 nights stay for free. Please also make yourself aware of the term and conditions.

You have to Follow ALL FOUR steps below to be eligible

  1. Comment where is your dream destination to travel in the comments section
  2. Subscribe to Styleweekender Blog
  3. Follow Styleweekender & Howlita on Instagram
  4. Like Styleweekender Facebook Page

The winner will receive a complimentary 2 night stay in othe best available room.

Terms and Conditions:
-All entries must be received by September 17, 2017 
- The reward is active for one year from the date of the giveaway. 
- Subject to availability and blackout dates (Christmas, New Year, Easter week).
- The reward is for 2 guests (any additional guests would be at additional cost).
- The reward includes 2 complimentary nights in the best available room.
- The reward is non-transferable.
- The reward is for guests ages 18 and older. 
- In the event of a no-show, the reward will be canceled.
-Please note winner is responsible for flights and all other travel related expenses. 


5 Reasons Why Dreaming Big Will Take You Places

Hi Loves,
I know we all need a little motivational speech every now and again. I'm good for giving my friends and family this type of speech as I am a strong self-motivated person. Even in my days of extreme fatigue I am always thinking of executing my next step. It can be a negative trait because I tend to not know when to stop. As in, I need to be able to hit the pause button, take care of myself and then restart. 
I've always been a dreamer and I strongly believe in dreaming big and taking steps to accomplishing them. Dreaming and no action is simply daydreaming and that does nothing for you. 
1. Dreaming big gives you a purpose. A purpose as to who you want to be, where you want to be in life, and what you would like to accomplish. No dreams=No goals. 
2. Dreaming big is what sets you apart from the rest. We often take on others' dreams or wishes for us and so we never dream for ourselves. How different are you from others if you have no dreams for yourself? 

3. Dreaming big provides a mental and sometimes psychical (ex vision board) road map. I'm a writer,  I write things down. So I'll say, I want to travel to Asia, or Europe next year...I write it down and I then I execute to make it happen. I may work over time, take on an extra job here or there but thats putting actions towards my dream.

4. Dreaming big helps you to encourage others around you. Make no mistake, in this life your circe of family and friends are very important. Sometimes it is you that dream, that helps others to realize and actualize their own dreams. It can be very much a positive ripple effect. 

5. Dreaming big takes you on journeys you would have never actually dream of (if you continue to push through). When I started this blog, It was an outlet to put my creative side to use. I dreamt of partnering with brands but I didn't initially dream as big as getting invited to speaking on panels, being an ambassador for a brand or seeing my face on the main page of a big clothing brand website. It's not that my dreams were small, they just were't defined. However they existed and I kept working and working hard at it. 
Loves, this post was to intentionally motivate you to just dream, believe, and work hard to make those dreams a reality. The road will be tough but with consistency you will see results. 
Have  a great week. 



How To Find "Me Time" & Commit To It With Aveeno

This post is sponsored by Aveeno. All opinions are 100% my own. 
Hi, Loves.
Hope you are all doing well, and in the best state of health. I have been wanting to write this post for a while now, and when Aveeno approached me to share how I enjoy my "Me Time", I had to oblige. Aveeno realized I am a fan of their products and it was a no brainer for us to partner up. I was so elated to learn about their interest in how their customers take care of themselves and for me to share my story. I'm always so in awe and appreciate a brand even more, when I learn that they care about their customers well being. If they care about their customers, that makes me happy. Like you, I'm a consumer of many products, including these Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief lotion & body wash. I picked them up at my local Walmart at an affordable price. This skin relief moisturizing lotion is perfect, as I try to repair my skin from over exposure from the summer sun. It has 24hr moisturizing effect, along with soothing oatmeal, oat oil, and natural Shea butter- all of which are amazing for my skin. 
The skin relief body wash is the perfect precursor, as it delivers a gentle, yet moisturizing cleanse, and like the lotion, they both are fragrance-free and excellent for sensitive skin. 
My skin feels great, no strong scent, and this aids in focusing on my "me time".
Finding the time to commit to myself is very hard. It's hard to see because my life as an influencer seems pretty fun and full of amazing activities. I will not lie, it really is, but the downside is going from one thing to the next, that I sometimes forget about myself. So, when I do check myself, here's what I do.
-I come home, take  shower with my oh-so-soothing Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Body Wash. I spend sometime basking in a hot shower and letting the hot water pound on my back. 
-I relax myself with a calming application of my Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion. I try to decompress my mind of the day's events, at every stroke of applying my lotion. It's very therapeutic (you should try it). 
-I tend to little things I miss or do not have the time to tend to. For example, my nails. I tend to chip them often and I'm always looking for a nail file to even out the chipped area. If I can't do it myself, that takes time to go back to a nail salon to get them fixed. I simply bask in my own company, filing my own nails and enjoying it. 
-I almost always have Jamaican soup in my freezer. Nothing soothes my day more than to relax to a hot bowl, no matter the temperature. It's the comfort of missing my homeland I guess. It does something for me. 
-I finish off with doing something I have been putting off. Like recently, I finally started this book my girlfriend gifted me for christmas last year. I have been putting it off, and finally jumped in, by committing to my me time. I'm 3/4 way through as we speak.
Loves, Aveeno and I want to know how you enjoy your "Me Time". Comment below and let us know what you do? Also, I'm curious what's your favorite Aveeno product? 
Have a great day. 
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