3 Hydrating Habits To Pick Up This Summer

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Hi there loves!
Wow, we are fully one week into summer, officially, and I feel it is my duty to remind you of a few simple tid-bits to keep you hydrated and healthy during the beautiful summer months. Summer is such a fun time that we tend to bask in the glory of warm days, beach excursions, sun bathing, road trips, and all the fun stuff and many of us forget to take care of ourselves. Many of us are chronically dehydrated and we do not know it but a few simple tips such as the ones I proposed below will really help you to not only achieve a fun and fulfilled summer, but also keep your body hydrated/ Your body will thank you come Fall. 

1. Fruits & Vegetables: My loves, do not forget to consume your fruits and vegetables during the summer. I know we have so many options of items to consume but it is pertinent that you treat yourself to rich fruits and vegetables that will really help to keep you hydrated along with providing daily nutrients. 
3. Skincare: I always talk about skincare and today is no exception. Yes, pay special, extra special attention to your skin during the summertime. Two items to not forget this summer is your sunscreen and your moisturizer. If it means stopping by your local CVS to pick up mini bottles of each, then do so. Keep some in the car, at home, at work, simply anywhere. I love having the two-in-one kind on hand, that way I'm always prepared. Your skin is exposed to harsh sun rays which damages and also thirst the skin. Moisturizer and sunscreen will help to remedy that situation and keep your skin in great shape. It's your biggest organ, take great care of it. 
2. Beverages: Oh yes yes yes! Drink up darlings and then, drink again. No matter how much you feel as if you aren't thirsty, highly likely you are. Some of my go to beverages all year round, but especially during the summer are smartwater, vitaminwater, and Honest Tea. This is my killer trio that I always have on hand to keep me hydrated and refreshed. Drink Up. Cool Off! Beat the heat. Stay hydrated! 
 My local CVS is my one stop shop for everything to keep me hydrated this summer, yours is too. These beverages are easy to find at any CVS in the Beverage aisle. Plus, "Spend $5, get $2 in ExtraBucks rewards in-store with your CVS ExtraCare Rewards Card". 

Find more awesome tips, challenges and ideas on how to keep yourselves hydrated this summer here.  How will you stay hydrated this summer? Which of my favorite beverages I mentioned here are favorites of yours too? Any other tip you would like to share with me and fellow readers? Let me know loves.

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  1. I just drank a giant bottle of smartwater on an airplane flight last week and I felt so much better after cross country travel. It's so easy to get dehydrated with so many of our summer activities. {client}

    1. You know, I find that I get dehydrated when traveling too. Although beverages are much more expensive in the airports, I still always pick up a bottle of smartwater too for the ride. Hehe!

  2. I've been lazy with drinking lately. I definitely have to start, because this weather calls for it. Thanks for the tips, beauty. :)


    1. ah Missy no hon, you have got to drink up your beverages, especially this summer. Hope you are doing great nonetheless. Thanks for swinging by.

  3. That's why I have my bottle of water with me wherever I go. :D I literally can't go out without it. Thanks for reminding us babe!

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