3 Hydrating Habits To Pick Up This Summer

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Hi there loves!
Wow, we are fully one week into summer, officially, and I feel it is my duty to remind you of a few simple tid-bits to keep you hydrated and healthy during the beautiful summer months. Summer is such a fun time that we tend to bask in the glory of warm days, beach excursions, sun bathing, road trips, and all the fun stuff and many of us forget to take care of ourselves. Many of us are chronically dehydrated and we do not know it but a few simple tips such as the ones I proposed below will really help you to not only achieve a fun and fulfilled summer, but also keep your body hydrated/ Your body will thank you come Fall. 

1. Fruits & Vegetables: My loves, do not forget to consume your fruits and vegetables during the summer. I know we have so many options of items to consume but it is pertinent that you treat yourself to rich fruits and vegetables that will really help to keep you hydrated along with providing daily nutrients. 
3. Skincare: I always talk about skincare and today is no exception. Yes, pay special, extra special attention to your skin during the summertime. Two items to not forget this summer is your sunscreen and your moisturizer. If it means stopping by your local CVS to pick up mini bottles of each, then do so. Keep some in the car, at home, at work, simply anywhere. I love having the two-in-one kind on hand, that way I'm always prepared. Your skin is exposed to harsh sun rays which damages and also thirst the skin. Moisturizer and sunscreen will help to remedy that situation and keep your skin in great shape. It's your biggest organ, take great care of it. 
2. Beverages: Oh yes yes yes! Drink up darlings and then, drink again. No matter how much you feel as if you aren't thirsty, highly likely you are. Some of my go to beverages all year round, but especially during the summer are smartwater, vitaminwater, and Honest Tea. This is my killer trio that I always have on hand to keep me hydrated and refreshed. Drink Up. Cool Off! Beat the heat. Stay hydrated! 
 My local CVS is my one stop shop for everything to keep me hydrated this summer, yours is too. These beverages are easy to find at any CVS in the Beverage aisle. Plus, "Spend $5, get $2 in ExtraBucks rewards in-store with your CVS ExtraCare Rewards Card". 

Find more awesome tips, challenges and ideas on how to keep yourselves hydrated this summer here.  How will you stay hydrated this summer? Which of my favorite beverages I mentioned here are favorites of yours too? Any other tip you would like to share with me and fellow readers? Let me know loves.

Have a great week



My Guy Secretly Eats My Comfort Food

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Hi Loves!
Today is the day I'm spilling the beans on my guy's habits. I know many of us bloggers are blessed to have some amazing blogger husbands and blogger boyfriends but what is not known is that they actually love playing the role. They have access to all the fun goodies we dabble in, the cool places we get to go to, and they actually start or heighten their interest in some of the things that make us bloggers and women. My guy is no exception, he 'unintentionally' uses my moisturizers, steals my hats and caps, matches my trend, uses my coffee cup, and steals my eye cream. The biggest of them all, he indulges along with my sweet tooth and especially my  Skinny Cow Chocolatey Dipped Ice Cream Sandwich in Vanilla Bean Dream which I love so much. Apparently, I'm not the only one in love with this yummy treat, my guy is too. It's funny because every time I go to buy a box, I ask him if he wants one, his answer is "no I'm fine" and they some way, somehow, the contents disappears. So, unless Casper lives in our home, it must be him. 
Skinny Cow isn't just for women, it's an indigence for all and we know the men in our lives are stealing it leaving us with empty boxes, so guess what? let's make it a treat for everyone and always share our indulgence with them, shall we? Yes, go ahead and reach for vanilla bean bliss with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafers, veiled in a rich, chocolatey coating. Since I know you are already salivating and craving some of this yummy Skinny Cow Chocolatey Dipped Ice Cream Sandwich in Vanilla Bean Dream, go ahead and locate your closest store that carries it HERE

As Always loves, thanks for reading.

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10 Awesome Stores For Online Shopping

Hi Loves,

Today's post is a very informative one and I will be talking about some of my favorite places to shop online. I do MOST of my shopping online and it saves me a lot of time. I used to be highly opposed to shopping online but with a busy schedule, it became important that I accept the online shopping challenge to which I have become addicted.  
I get asked  ALOT where did you get that? Where do I buy X? Where is the best place to shop for X?...While I cannot answer it all here in one post, I will cover  10 favorite places to shop online in this post. I will have follow-up post on more focused topics. 

Here goes:
1. Nordstrom : I absolutely love Nordstrom and I love them more so for their sales. This is a great store where you can buy high-end for small price during sales. They almost always have some sort of sale/promotion going on on their website. I also love that it is always free shipping and free returns, every time. This helps to put me at ease that if I do not like or want an item I purchased, I can easily return it with the return slip they packaged in the box and I didn't lose anything on shipping. I have to tell you their biggest sale of the year is coming up and it will start July 22nd so DO NOT miss out. They also have a great men selection. I have already made my wish list and ready to go. 

2. Asos : Horray Asos, my little one stop shop for all things fashion (I think that's their slogan) but literally amazing items at EVERY price point. I love that they have such a huge variety of products because I can easily make a one-stop shop and simply wait for my package to arrive. They also offer free returns, easy peasy just simply put the item back into the box or bag, tape the label they sent you and drop it off at the post office. For my Jamaicans, they also ship to Jamaica so go ahead and enjoy that benefit. They also carry an awesome men selection.  Asos is currently having a 50% off sale, so definitely check them out. 

3. Shein: I love this store, it is probably the cheapest of all the stores I listed here. They are very trendy and I love buying simple dresses, tops, and accessories from them. Their quality has grown exponentially and the shipping has been much better. They carry only female clothing and they have a great pre-order program where items are much less (than they already are). I've tried it before but the only I do not like is that I have to wait until the pre-order time is out before my items ship. 

4. Loft: Loft is quite underrated in the online shopping sphere I think. I feel that because they weren't always trendy, people tend to over look them. Loft has always been a timeless brand and even with more trendy items to their inventory, they still maintain their timelessness. They currently have 50% off and they almost always have an extra % off sale items, that is the best thing about online shopping that enjoy, seriously. 

5. Forever21 and H&M: Affordable and trendy are Forever 21 and H&M. They are also getting better with the quality of their products. I've purchased a few things that stood to compete with  the quality of high-end brands. I love their flats and many of their heels, the comfort level of their shoes is impeccable, esp Forever 21. They both have good men store is good but not great. H&M is much better in their men department. I think they are good for teenage guys and young adults. Their fashion accessories are also great prices. I love their hats and for someone with a big head, I also enjoy purchasing the men hats. 

6. Old Navy , Gap and Banana Republic: I group these three because they are sister companies and I love them all. BR is definitely the best quality of the three, next Gap, and then Old Navy. I always log on to each, check the promotions, and then shop accordingly. I buy more staple items from BR and more casual pieces from Old Navy. 

7. J.Crew: Seriously love J.Crew but oh-my-gash they always do damage to my wallet. Ha! I've found my way to combat that. I buy most of my items from their sale sections which is usually an extra % off already sale price. I'm always happy about that when i match the original price to what I paid. Their quality is EXCEPTIONAL and their clothing withstand washes, rain, snow, sunshine..you get me!

8. Target: Who does not love Target? they are an addiction both online and in store. What I love about target is that I can shop for EVERYTHING, not only clothing but household, appliances, gadgets etc.  

9. Charlotte Russe: Super girly and trendy and affordable pieces you can always find here. I especially love that they always have some promotions going on. I live for sales and promotions, if I am saving a buck or two, oh I'm sold. For an online shopper addict as myself I take any sale I can get. 

10. Amazon: Yes to Amazon, everybody loves them especially the awesome two-day shipping you get with prime. Totally worth it. If you shop on their site a lot, you should get the prime membership, it is totally worth it but only if you shop a lot (as in at lease 8 times per year). 

I do hope this list was useful. I will follow-up with another post soon on where, when, and how to buy your high-end items online, and how to get the most out of your pennies when spending large. 




Jerk Chicken Chopped Salad + Kitchen Cleaning Hack

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Happy Monday loves!
I'm so excited about today's post because I feel like I am sharing a special part of me with you all, through food. If you knew me and you came to my house, I would FEED you fat. Yes, I love to cook for people and I enjoy watching others enjoy meals I prepare. Many of you know I am Jamaican and one cliche that is true to Jamaicans is that we eat Jerk Chicken. Not everyday, but it is definitely one of our most known meals. I have to say though, it is one messy meal to prepare, but totally worth it because I had my new Scotch-Brite® Scrubbing Dish Cloths which was only $4.99, in 2 pack counts and comes in four colors, grey, mint, coral, and navy. It takes cleaning to a whole new level so I could do even more. 

I always make easy recipes for you all so you can simply follow my steps, adjust as you please and enjoy. Here's what you will need to make this yummy Jerk Chicken (serves two)

1lb chicken breast
1/2 lemon
12 Pimento Seeds (1tsp powdered pimento)
4 stalks of thyme
1 tbsp browning (or paprika)
Jerk Seasoning (find it at local Jamaican/Caribbean or Oriental market/store)
Mix all of the ingredients together, let it marinate for at least 1 hour (overnight is better). 
 Remove thyme and pimento seeds and put it on the grill or in the oven. Grill both sides until cooked. If you use oven, approximately 45 minutes at 350 degrees, first 35 minutes, lower to 250 degrees for next 10 minutes. 
 While your chicken is being cooked, make your way to prepare a yummy salad. 
For my salad (serves 2) I used:
4 cups of spinach
2 cups of mixed salad
1/2 roma tomato
1/2 mango (sliced)
3 mini sweet bell peppers
1/4 cup of chopped mint
 Mix it all together, how pretty are the colors? I do not know about you but I love a colorful salad. 
I also love that my new Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Dish Cloth gives me non-scratch scrubbing power with the wiping and drying function of a dish cloth. On one side I have dish cloth feel, on the other is the Scotch-Brite scrubbing dots that gives me great cleaning power to scrub away the mess from chopping my jerk chicken once it is cooked. That's a 2-in-one if you ask me and bang for the buck! yes please. 
Toss salad on a plate and add chopped jerk chicken on top. Serve with love. I know you will enjoy if you give it a try. Loves, there are also some other awesome recipes and cleaning tutorials for you to enjoy here
 Cooking is something I definitely enjoy, but cleaning up is really not my forte. Thanks to the new Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Dish Cloth my cleaning routine is much better. I also wanted to share with you all a kitchen hack I always saw my granny do while I was growing up. She would boil her dish cloths on the stove top for about 10-15 minutes with lemon and then hand rinse and put to dry. This really helps to get rid of germs instantly and I do the same with my dish cloths often. All you need is:
Two slices of lemons, 2 cups of water per dish cloth, set to boil, cool, rinse, and put to dry. 
To find these new Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Dish Cloths, head to your local Target and go straight to the kitchen cleaning aisle and there you will find four beautiful colors to choose from. And the best part? You can save now on Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Dish Cloths with this cartwheel offer here from 06/19-06/25.  

Do you make any yummy meals that is extremely messy and is a struggle to clean up? Will you try these new Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Dish Cloths? Do you have any kitchen cleaning hacks you want to share with me? Do tell, I'm curious. 

Have a lovely week loves and as always, thanks for reading. 



The Coolest Watch From JORD + A Fun Contest

Hi loves!
Another weekend is here and I'm extremely excited about it. I love summer days and I'm excited about summer sixteen and all of the fun things I plan to get into this summer. Some of my plans include wineries, hikes, road-trips, concerts, trip to Europe, decorating our new home, beach days, and devouring lots of ice-cream. I love the easy feel of summer and the minimal clothing it requires. I'm an Island gal, you know that, so any piece of clothing or accessory that remind me of home is welcomed. Take for example this gorgeous JORD Watch in SandalwoodI was and still am in complete awe of how beautiful theiwomens watches areI'm in love the earthy feel of my watch and how the natural wood makes me feel extra summery. They also have the most beautiful and masculine mens collection and they would make perfect gifts for dad this Father's Day. Keep reading to see how you can get help with getting one of these for your special gal or guy in your life.  
I told you to keep reading. It wouldn't be right If you didn't have a chance to acquire one of these beautiful watches and JORD has an amazing contest going on right now for you all to enter. Everyone who enters will receive a $20 gift certificate (exp. 10/16/16) and the winner wins a $75 (exp. 07/15/16) gift certificate only. Loves, the contest ends 07/06/16 so wait no more and enter the HERE
As always my loves, thank you for reading my blog and come back here and let me know if you won the grand prize from this contest.



Easy Weekend Wear + Macbook Air & Kate Spade Giveaway- 2 Winners

Hi Loves, here's details on one of my latest Instagram weekend outfit. If you are on Instagram and aren't following me, make sure you do and drop a line so I can follow back. I recently wore this crisp white button down and cut out denim pants ( I cut them out myself)- similar here , along with these Rihanna for Puma slippers (sold out but love this Birkenstock option), cross body bag-similar here, sunnies-similar here and my Daniel Wellington watch . Easy clean casual vibe for simple weekend days when you still want to be chic but simple. Now, go ahead and enter the giveaway below and crossing fingers one of my readers will be the winner.
A group of bloggers and I have teamed up to bring you another amazing giveaway. Two lucky winners this time! The grand prize winner will receive a brand new 11.6 Gold Macbook Air + Kate Spade tote bag. Open to international contestants and must be 18+. Please review the full Terms & Conditions prior to entering. The more accounts you follow, the more chances you have of winning! We will pick the winners who are following all accounts. Good luck. Enter Below!!!!



On Trend: The Pom Pom Summer Dress You Must Get

 Hi there loves!
I wouldn't be doing you all justice if I didn't bring you the best on trend pieces for your closet. This gorgeous orange pom pom dress is a must have. When I say a must have, I mean a MUST. You should have it in your closet and the best thing, it is only $21.99!!! Score.!!You just cannot lose. I paired it with my oh so one and only fringed sandals to dress it up. I could easily have worn it with these flat sandals that come in six different colors for a more casual look. 
Pom-poms and fringe are so on trend and will definitely be for a few more seasons. They are most definitely some items to drop in your shopping bag this summer, trust me on this. I've linked items below along with multiple other options. 

As always loves, I appreciate you reading my blog. Have an awesome week.
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