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The other day a blogger/writer friend and I went out to Brunch. A hefty part of our discussion was on the topic of skin care. We spoke about how our skin changes and how as we grow older, it is pertinent that we take extra special care of it. With that conversation stuck in the back of my mind, I felt compelled to share with you some of my current favorite hand creams. I’ve done a detailed post regarding my skin care regime last year here. It is definitely time for an update since my regimen has changed and I’m loving some really new a wonderful products.

Today will focus on my hands and this post includes four of my current favorite hand creams. You may not think it is important to treat your hands as good as you treat your face but, it is. Your hands are  an introductory piece of your presence just as much as your face. Picture shaking someone’s hand at first time meeting, or an old colleague you ran into. Aside from the social aspect of your skin, it is even more important on a personal level, to keep your skin as healthy as you possibly can. 
1  PurErb Neroli Baobab Hand Balm: This is very nourishing and moisturizing to the skin. It has a lovely aroma that is mixed with lavender and sandalwood. I love the nourishment of exotic butters and this balm gives my hand a lovely glow and all day moisture. (This comes packaged with the hand butter as the perfect duo)

 PurErb Neroli Baobab Hand Butter: I love that this butter is so soft as I apply it to my skin. It has a lovely mixture of Neroli and Jasmine scents which is divine and relaxing. There is also plenty of shea butter which is very good for the skin, especially with sun exposure and hard water usage. This comes packaged with Hand balm as the perfect duo)

   Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Hand Cream: You may have seen this before here in this post and I have to say I love this hand cream so much. It has the right amounts of moisture and consistence. It is perfect for keeping in your car,  office desk or handbag. 
     Eucerin Original Healing Smooth Repair Cream: I love the natural scent of this cream. If I do not want any other scent to mix with my perfume, this is my go to cream. I also love using this after washing dishes of washing bathroom (yes, I ditch the gloves most times), or any prolonged use of water. It instantly moisturizes my hands and leaves it smooth and silky. 

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Bell Bottom Denim

Hello loves! Todays vibe is mix of rugged, 70s, and safari all with a modern simple twist. Man, that was a mouthful. Sometimes it can get quite boring and uninspiring when getting dressed, but for me, a little pop of something or wearing an extraordinary piece changes everything. For this look, I went for two inspiring piece of clothing, one is my guy's jacket and two, these gorgeous Rag and Bone bell bottom denim. 

It's  as easy as easy gets and what I love about Rag and Bone denims overall is that they always take care of my height. Frankly, these are actually very long for me, and so long that I had to wear heels to keep them from sweeping on the ground. I'd definitely recommend Rag & Bone any day for tall girls. The quality is also of utmost perfection, you really get what you pay for with these denims. 

Hope your week was great and that you are all looking forward an awesome weekend.
huggs & kisses babes



DIY: Porch Decor Using Coca-Cola It's Mine Bottles

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Can you believe it is almost Spring? It was just Christmas a few days ago and here we are anticipating springtime, or at least, I am. We can either sit in disbelief or we can run with the flying times. Well, I'm in full preparation mood, and what I love about Spring, is the fact that I get to change my whole home decor into a more fun and colorful vibe. I was thinking and thinking of small inexpensive ideas I could do to enhance a Spring-like vibe to my porch, and when I stumbled on these Coca-Cola It's Mine bottles at my local Target, I knew I wanted them as decorative pieces.

 These gorgeous Diet Coke It's Mine bottles are only available for a limited time (while supplies last), and they tastes just the same as the original.  I feel like Diet Coke knows I love them so much that they personalized the bottles for me and of course, all you other Diet Coke lovers, too. Another amazing thing is that no two bottles are the same. It's like the perfect collectible. It's is amazing how both of my guilty pleasures, Diet Coke and Target, helped me to come up with this creative idea! Whoo-hoo!

After devouring my drinks, I saved my beautiful bottles and went into full DIY mode on the weekend. I decided to make a rustic centerpiece for my porch table, since it was plain and boring. Here's what I used and the steps I took to achieve my centerpiece:

  • 4 Diet Coke It's Mine Glass Bottles 12 oz.(there are so many colors you can choose from)
  • 1/4 yard Burlap
  • A roll of twine (use amount as desired)
  • 3 rolls of ribbons (I used colors that reminded me of Spring and compliments the bottles)
  • A tray 
  • Scissors
  • Flowers of your choice 

1. Wrap tray with the burlap fabric and clinch each side onto the tray (as seen in photo) burlap is such a flexible fabric it will ease to the shape you create.
2. Use twine to wrap Coca-Cola It's Mine bottles into pairs

3. Place each pair on the tray you prepared (I slanted mine to add dimension)
4. Add water and your choice of flowers into the bottles (since it is outdoors, I pulled two stalks of Prince Charming from my living room bouquet) and cut wild greens from my backyard.

5. Cut 3 sets of 8 inches of each ribbon and combine a mixture of each color, tie one knot onto wild greens

6. Place ribbon-decorated greens along the edge of the tray. You can also use stones, or shells or whatever you already have in your home to enhance your centerpiece.

And there you have it. In six easy steps you can create a rustic centerpiece for your porch by recycling these beauties. I simply mist the wild greens each morning with water to keep them fresh. They should last a week.

Target is the exclusive carrier so definitely go in store. When you get there check the front sections of each isle (close to the registers) or next to the Beauty section. You'll likely find a display that looks like this:

If you cannot find them at those areas mentioned above, head straight over to Beverages and check the soda section, like here:

Have fun choosing your Coca-Cola It's Mine colors, and if you buy four or more, you get 10 % off (Target Exclusive) automatically at checkout. I'm interested to see what you guys come up with. Comment your ideas below, tag me on any of my social media channels, or email me a picture of your creations. 

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Ladylike Wrap Karina Dress

Happy new week my darlings. Today I'm coming to you wearing this beautiful Karina Dress . I love dresses of all types as they make me feel feminine and comfortable in my own skin. It's like when someone say "I'm a jeans & t-shirt person". Well, I'm a dress gal (like you didn't know that already:). I really have no preference in the type or shape since I have more than enough occasions to wear them on. 

I especially love the wrap top portion of this dress. It gives me enough cleavage and enough cover. This is the type of dress I would wear to a business meeting, work or church. Even so, the options are endless. The straps are particularly an excellent addition since they can really help with defining the waistline. 

This print is a classic one, and will likely withstand seasons in my closet. I plan on adding tights and black heels, bare legged and red strappy sandals, or throwing a coat over this beauty during the Fall and Winter season. 

Dress: Karina 
Necklace: Dogeared
Watch (DKNY): Similar here
Sunnies: Karen Walker via Ditto (use code styleweekender for first month free)

Thanks for swinging by my loves

*This dress was gifted to me by Karina Dresses for review. All opinion are 100% my own.




Rompin Around

Darlings, here we go again, another chic romper. The weather has been good this week in Los Angeles so I took the opportunity to pull out this little romper from Almost Famous Clothing. I've worn this lace midi dress and this flared legged denim from Almost Famous Clothing and I can truly attest to their quality. 

The beauty of this number is that it has half sleeves, and I could easily have worn tights and boots if it was colder. The print is perfect as I can and will easily transition it into Spring and Summer. My idea is to dress it down with my white converse or some beige espadrilles. 

I've made this wardrobe resolution to add only neutrals and blushes with a few hints of prints here and there. This romper is a good hint of print for my new wardrobe. 

Hope you babes have a lovely weekend and as always, thank you for reading. 

Note: This romper was gifted to me by Almost Famous Clothing for review. All opinions are 100 % my own.



Camouflage Casual

Hola my loves:)
As many of you know, casual vibe is my go to styling. It is just utter comfort, especially when I'm running errands. This was the case past weekend. I was out running errands and pretty much flip flopping over the city. I literally said to my guy "pull over here, let's snap a few pictures for my readers"! nothing fancy, just good old easy dress day. I was out shopping with a friend and really minding my own business. We went into Old Navy and upon entering I spotted this soft pull over dress. I think what led me straight to the rack was that it was $15. No contest there. I wanted to buy it in two colors but I decided to not get ahead of myself. I love mixing high & low when I get dressed. I like to think I own a balance collection of hi-low brands. I added this camo jacket right before I walked out of the house, and thank God I did. The temperature dropped hour by hour. 

Here are the deets & similar options on my entire outfit:

Dress: Old Navy, Shoes: (Rampage Via T.J Maxx)- similar here, & here, Jacket (old-Urban Outfitters)- similar here, Cross Body Bag (Vintage Louis Vuitton)- similar here

My sunnies are Karen Walker from Ditto . Ditto is a designer (both prescription & sunglasses) glasses rental subscription where you get to rent the most expensive and trendy designer sunglasses per month. I have been wanting a pair of Karen Walker Super Duper forever and stayed away because of the price. I'm planning on switching these out for a pair of the trendy Prada's everyone is wearing right now. To get your first month's free, use my code "STYLEWEEKENDER" 

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