Bell Bottom Denim

Hello loves! Todays vibe is mix of rugged, 70s, and safari all with a modern simple twist. Man, that was a mouthful. Sometimes it can get quite boring and uninspiring when getting dressed, but for me, a little pop of something or wearing an extraordinary piece changes everything. For this look, I went for two inspiring piece of clothing, one is my guy's jacket and two, these gorgeous Rag and Bone bell bottom denim. 

It's  as easy as easy gets and what I love about Rag and Bone denims overall is that they always take care of my height. Frankly, these are actually very long for me, and so long that I had to wear heels to keep them from sweeping on the ground. I'd definitely recommend Rag & Bone any day for tall girls. The quality is also of utmost perfection, you really get what you pay for with these denims. 

Hope your week was great and that you are all looking forward an awesome weekend.
huggs & kisses babes



  1. Yes, there can be a problem with bell bottom pants and a person's height! This selection looks totally right on you. Thank you for the info on Rag and Bone quality. Please keep a look out for bell bottom denim pants for the petite-short 5'-5'3" gals. Even when I have tried on petite pants(bell bottom style has the most problems) the leg is still 3 inches or more too long. Also, when I say bell bottoms, I mean the truly wide flare leg from Sunny and Cher!

    1. Ah, you gave me a great idea. I will do a post for all size shapes and height soon. Thanks for reading.

  2. I have the same problem with too long jeans! But you look fabulous as always:)


    1. aw babe, isnt that a drag. There are so many denim brand, a mean, can one of them get it right? hehe!Thanks love.


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