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My Scent Trunk Box- Included three scents.
Pavane NO.2: this was a soft delicate rose scent. This was very romantic and perfect for date night ;)
Teo Cabanel :This had a stronger scent with lots of Musk & Lavender. Definitely great for all day wear.
Sailing Into The Sea: Oh so girl, flirty and sweet. This one is so yummy. It has mixtures of exotic floral, lemon and grapefruit. This one is actually my favorite of my box. With my birthday coming up, I am putting it on my wish list!
Well hello everyone. Today I am bringing to you perfume in a box. Yes, a mixture of scents curated for you, to test before you buy. I must let you know that I am a true perfume fanatic. I believe in wearing perfumes that are tailored for my body. What do I mean by this? I mean not all perfumes will smell the same on everyone. We all have different body composition and what may smell awesome on someone else, may not be the same for me.
Scent Trunk is here to help you make the decision on what fragrance is perfect for you. Have you ever tried walking pass the perfume department section in a department store and is bombarded by multiple scents flying through the air, not to mention the serge of sales rep. who get you to try one on and, you end up buying it, then not liking it so much? ok! am not alone.
When you sign up at  SCENT TRUNK you will create a profile based on scents of things you like. For example, flowers, cinnamon...Scent Trunk will use your profile and send you your own  curated box to try before you invest in a big bottle. I 'd call it a win/win and, if you are like me and love experimenting with scents or updating your perfumes, then go ahead an try them out. You can also update your profile and change the tune of your scent at anytime. I am sitting here just basking in Falling Into The Sea- I smell so good! Heheh!

Scent Trunk is currently hosting a giveaway, click this link SCENT TRUNK GIVEAWAY and enter for a chance to win!
The break down:
  • $18/month for 3 scents per box (last up to one month)
  • Samples: 2ml each
  • Shipping: US & Canada- cost included.
*This Scent Trunk Box was gifted to my by Scent Trunk for review.
Thanks for swinging by loves and have yourselves a great week.


  1. These Trunk Shows are great ideas. The chance to try different scents without having to take the time to "hunt" for them.

  2. wow those little bottles of perfumes are so cute !


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