10 Closet Staples

Today I want to talk about a few pieces you must ALWAYS have in your closet. Like I have said
before, style is something that should be unique to every individual. We can all own the same pair of jeans but we will all wear it differently, that is style. I have listed 10 items that I think are great closet staples:

1. Blazer Jacket: It is always a good idea to have a blazer type jacket in your closet. This can take your outfit from casual to dressy to professional. It has multiple uses and will serve its purpose entirely. [ here Nordstrom and here- plus size Target ]

2. Pair of skinny/boot cut Jeans (Blue or Black): This is one of the definite must haves. Whatever your body type, you should own one. This is an easy staple that can take you through all seasons of the year, can be dressed up or down and has longevity. I would say invest in a good strong one. [ here Old Navy and here GAP -both durable brands]

3. Grey/Black T-shirt (V/Crewneck): Again, this staple can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair it with. It is also a good choice because both colors will give you durability. [Here Piperlime and less expensive here Forever21]

4. Coat: Unless you live in a tropical region of the world, then a coat would not be one of your staples (instead-a black maxi dress). If you live in regions where coats are necessary at some point of the year,then invest in a solid sturdy black coat. If you are planning to own any one color, black it is. Also, get a coat that has a redingote/stole shape. That way it can be worn with anything including dresses. [Burlington, here Nordstrom and here Zara ]

 5. Leather/Faux leather (Pants/Skirt): Always have a piece of leather or Faux leather in your closet. it is timeless and flexible.[For talls: Ann Taylor, For regular fit H&M,and skirt: love this Forever21 ]

6. Leopard/Animal print shoes: Your choice of flats, heels, boots, sandals...etc! If you ask me I would say pointy toe flats. The think with pointy toes flats they can be worn as a dress up or down, they can also go great with pants or skirt or dresses. You have flexibility with those. [Zebra Print here: Forever21, Leopard here: Forever21, Leopard here Nordstrom,  and here Nordstrom]

7. A Print Scarf: Always have a printed scarf, preferably one that has timeless colors. Meaning, they can be worn with multiple solids and are also great for print mixing with other general clothes in your closet.[Love this one Lilly Pulitzer, and this Forever21, and this H&M ]

8. An oversize bag (Tan): Tan is the perfect color that gives you a pop but remain subtle. You can transition your oversize bag from season-to-season, easily.[here  Torrid and here Sole Society ]

9. Statement Necklace: Your closet should be equipped with a statement necklace. Yes! why? because it can take your outfit from boring to beautiful. Your statement necklace does not have to be large, it can also be small/medium, as long as it is a piece for detail and attention. [Urban Outfitters and here H&M ] Forever21 and Charlotte Russe also have very cost effective stylish ones.

10. Two Tone Watch: Your closet is not complete without a watch, preferably a two-tone one. A two tone watch gives you the flexibility with your other jewelry. Also, if you cannot afford to buy two-a silver and a gold watch, why not get two-in-one until you can afford to? It is a wise thing to do.[Fossil-one of my fave brand watches, GUESS ] 

So there you go! 10 Closet must haves. Remember this is a general list, do what works for you and express your style. What's on you closet staple list? Comment and let me know.
Thanks for reading, appreciate you:)


  1. Nice! lovely post... guess I'm not doing too bad, I can account for all except the leather pants. .. i need a new one as the one I have dnt fit anymore thxx to all this baby fat... lol
    Question though? I have a red leather skirt a little above the knee.... usually in the winter times I pair it with some black panty hose, boots and like a beige sweater and a nice coat with like layers of pearls or sweater necklaces... it looks real nice that way but idk how else to style it..... Any suggestions?

    1. Hi gorgeous! Those are great ways of styling it. Like totally style my skater leathers skirts like that, especially in cold seasons. You can also wear it over a dress that has a little flare (if its a skater skirt) or a bodycon (if it is a pencil skirt), that way you turn the dress into a blouse and styled the skirt with something new. If its cold, then a long sleeve dress is good, if its not so chilling then short sleeve and a nice scarf to compliment it.
      Thanks so much Diana for tuning in. means al lot to me honey:)

  2. Thx for the tips darling and ur always welcome.... I'll be peeping over here from time to time for outfit ideas.... sshhhuhhh!! Lol


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