Work From Home Office Space Upgrade Ideas

Hi Loves,

Working from home full time has been my life since 2018. I quickly learned that a few essentials was necessary for me to be productive. My office space a haven, AT FIRST. I recently had to do away with it close to the time of our baby's arrival, to make room for her. It was simple yet effective. I had a cute white desk, a white chair, a tiered document shelf, an acrylic shelf, a faux plant, and a rug.  I have plans on getting my office back up and running again in the fall. This little space is an inspiration for my upcoming office. I decided to share and also pick a few inexpensive items that would make any WFH (WorkFrom Home) space a productive and inviting one. 

I know a lot of people are now adjusting to a new normal, working from home. So, I hope you found this post useful.

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