Laundry Day Using Gain With Essential Oils Laundry Detergent

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I absolutely love doing my laundry, there's something about how it smells that gives me a calming feeling. I'm not sure if it's the fact that my clothes are actually being cleaned or the fact that I love to spend a good few minutes sniffing my laundry after it's done. Well, it has gotten even better since I started using Gain With Essential Oils Laundry Detergent. Oh it's a game changer in the realm of laundry and I promise you, you're going to love it. This irresistible liquid laundry detergent contains no dyes, phosphates, CFCs or parabens. This is especially important to me that I am using a safe product for my family. A little goes a long way and I get to experience the scent of essentials oils in every wear. This laundry detergent delivers such a great performance on my clothes even in a cold wash. I'm a huge fan of essential oils. I use them in diffusers in my home and also for lots of common home remedies. It was a no brainer for me to try this new laundry detergent from Gain and I'm extremely impressed. 
There are three variations of scents and we love them all in my home. They are:
-Lavender & Calm Chamomile. I love using this scent for my towels, undergarment, and sleepwear. These are two of natures most powerful antioxidants. It's the perfect blend to experience the most relaxing feeling from my laundry. 
-Eucalyptus and Mindful Mint. I love this for my kitchen towels, draperies, linens, and cushion covers.
-Orange & Energetic Grapefruit. This I love for everyday wear. This one is my husband's favorite. You know it's good when a guy has a favorite. 

Now that you've seen me talk so much about this new laundry detergent, will you try it? Here's a $1 off COUPON for you. Scroll down to the bottom. Make sure you print and use it by 7/4/2020. 

I'd love to hear how you like these new Gain With Essential Oils Laundry Detergent.



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