5 Things To Do During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Social Distancing

Hey guys, well we are deep in the woods of Social Distancing with the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Many of us have self quarantined. This can feel somewhat repetitive and to some boring. However, doing this is BEST and you are all amazing for taking this seriously and doing your part to help stop the spread. The sooner we can stop it from spreading, the sooner we can go back to our normal lives.

I figured that if we are to make time pass while we’re doing our part, I’d find 5 things we could do to help keep us busy.

  1. Declutter you home. I’m pretty sure most of us have been wanting to declutter somewhere in our home. Closet, garage, bathroom, kids room etc. I plan on declutter my makeup. I have so many and I’m sure some has spoiled and need to be thrown out.
  2. Learn the basics of a new Language. There are so many language apps and websites where we can learn a new language...at least the basics (how to say hello, order favorite food, ask for directions, how to say thank you..). Try Rosetta Stone, Memrise, or Duolingo.
  3. Start a workout routine. I got an email yesterday that one of my favorite apps, Tone It Up, is offering 30days free sign-ups. Take advantage.
  4. Gather all the board and card games you have at home and have some fun playing them (if you’re not home alone). We recently started playing Sequence introduced to us by our friends that recently visited. My husband is hooked on it and I obliged by playing with him. I always end up having fun.
  5. Binge watch a GOOD show. Whatever you are into, there’s something on TV, streaming apps etc to keep you busy. It’s ok to just waste away into a good show. My recommendations are Vikings, The Last Kingdom, Peaky Blinders, Handmaids Tale, The Durrels in Corfu, Love Is Blind, and I jut started James Town. Clearly I have a certain genre of shows I particularly like. Hehe!

There you have it. Easy and simple enough. Let me know any other suggestions in the comments section. Share so we can all try. We’re in this together. Remember to check out the CDC website for updates. You don’t need to consume it too much, once a day is good enough.


Love and light

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