New Beauty Faves To Start The New Year

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Ah! Happy New Year guys!
New year means new many thing for a lot of us. One of the commitments I have made to myself this year is to take better care of my skin so that I can wear my bare beauty (meaning minimal makeup), get my hair as healthy as possible, and overall fresh feeling in my body. 
There are a few products that I absolutely love and does great wonders in my beauty routine that I just wont give up and then there are others I did some research on, read reviews, and have decided to give them a try. With that said, I went ahead and shopped a few new and old favorites beauty products from Walmart. Did you know that Walmart carry a bunch of high-tier beauty products?. I learned last year and ever since, they have been my go to. Let's get into my mini beauty haul, each product and, what I love about them.   

First up is this Goody Ouchless Scrunchies Gentle Hair Scrunchie. I've always worn the small black ones but I find that they sometimes grip my hair harshly and pulls on my roots. These are so plush and comfy and also very easy to sleep with. Yes to healthy roots this year. 
I'm a cleanser lover and after using this same brand cleen beauty SPF Moisturizer, I decided to give their cleen beauty Rosehip Jelly Face Cleanser a try. It gives a really good lather to remove excess dirt and make up. A little goes a long way. I usually remove as much makeup as I can before I cleanse. I'm incorporating it in my nighttime routine for this reason. It didn't dry out my skin out and I absolutely love the gentle rose smell. 

Next is this Earth to Skin Super Fruits Starter Kit. I love starter kits and mini products. This way, if I don't like the items, I don't feel bad throwing out a full sized container. This little set is definitely a keeper though. My favorite in the set has to be the avocado overnight mask. It so good and my face feels super plump and alive in the morning. I've been using the cleanser in the mornings which gives a nice gently clean. Both the eye-cream and day gel are perfect for daytime use. If you're looking for a night time eye cream, I would suggest going with a lighter eye cream, like this, also from the same brand and from Walmart. 
In the last two years I have been trying to incorporate more natural and safer deodorants in my self-care routine. I have tried a lot and some I do love, others are ok and, some just not for me. When I saw this Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant Pure Vanilla  I had to try it I was more excited that they had it in mini, again for the same reason I mentioned above. I loved the scent of this deodorant upon opening up the jar. It's definitely more on the dry side and I struggled with that the first time I used it. But after using it a few times, I got over it being dry on applying under my arm. The key and most important thing is that it kept me fresh all day. I'm excited to see how it holds up during the summer or humid weather.  
Ok, I saved the best for last. Ha! My good-ole favorite Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes, Individually Wrapped. This is my holy-grail make-up remover. Nothing does a better job and when I saw that they now come individually wrapped? I had to get a pack. This is so good because I can simply pop one out of the bag, remove my make-up in the living room while watching TV (which I love to do) and not having to worry to put the entire bag back in my bathroom or leaving it in the living room. If you've never tried these as a make-up remover, do yourself a favor and try them now. I promise, it's worth it. 
I highly recommend you try these out especially if you're looking to add clean and safe beauty that actually work into your routine. Walmart Beauty has a lot of other high-tier options too. Make sure you check them out here

Thanks for reading loves.

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