Gingham Dress For Fall

Happy Fall, Loves.
It's my favorite time of the year and I am so excited for all pumpkin things, spiced things, vanilla things, plaid things, all of it!!!!!!
Living in Southern California comes with a little bit of a set back when it comes to Fall, though. As far as the weather is concern, we usually don't start cooling down until about mid November and even then it's still so warm sometimes.
I wore this dress during the summer and was a little warm in it. I figured it'll be more suitable for Fall. It doesn't matter what region or temperature because it can be dressed up with OTK boots and a coat or simple ballet flats or ankle boots, and a sweater for warmer weather. I sourced and found many other affordable options at different price points in the widget below.



  1. This shirt is great, Thida Ananpanha
    I think you should have a thunderstorm as well because it suits you. I thought it would be nice if it was ironed straight.
    Thank you very much for writing !!

  2. Suzanne B. Hoskin3/3/20, 11:02 PM

    nice Dress.I am looking For Fall Dress.Best DartBoard


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