Reflecting On My Skincare Journey + Olay Summer Favorites

This post is in partnership with Olay. All Opinions are 100% my own. 
Hi Guys,
Today's post is a bit personal as I'm going to talk about my skincare journey over the last year. Before I get into it, I want to give you a little back story on my skin. Like most little girls growing up, I had flawless face. As a teenager, I still had a flawless face. I did not suffer from one bit of acne and I considered myself lucky. This good streak of good luck followed me all the way through until I was about twenty-five. I experienced my first ever acne breakout and it was bad. I was certain I had eaten something, put something on my face, or caught something somewhere. But no, it was adult acne. I had no clue a thing called adult acne existed. I struggled for about two years trying to figure out what to do with my skin. Before my adult acne, the only one thing I had always used consistently was eye-cream. My mom introduced me to one of Olay's eye-creams and it was one in a red tube and I loved it. The packaging was different too. I did a little research and decided to concentrate on meticulous skincare using Olay because I had already gained trust in this eye cream. Olay was the start of my adult skin recovery skin care journey. 
Now fast forward: I'm thirty-three and I still use and love Olay. Over the past year, through my partnership with Olay, I had recommitted myself to include multiple Olay products into my skincare regimen. I tried out almost all of their new products, stuck with some of my old favorites and, I even used them exclusively for 30 days straight in preparation for my wedding. I've learned a lot about my skin and I can proudly say, Olay has played a big role in that. My skin is temperamental, it's seasonal, and it reacts to weather change. To remedy all the stages my skin went through, there was an Olay product and I'm thankful for that. If you skip through the beauty section of my blog or type Olay in the search bar, you will see many articles I have written about many of their products. I trust them with my skin and I trust them because they take into account every type of skin, they study, test and perfect each product we see on the shelves. This is extremely important to me. I'm passionate about skincare and I believe everyone can achieve optimal skin. It just takes patience, love, care, and the right Olay products. 
Since we've just entered summertime, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Olay products for the summer and I recommend them 100%. The key one for me is the Olay Ultimate Hydration Energizing Mist. You guys, this is a golden product that does wonders. It will help remedy dull, dry and exhausted skin which is bound to happen during the summer. It mists over the face evenly and is perfect to carry around throughout the day. I sometimes put mine in my car, handbag, and I keep it also at my work desk. It's great for all skin types. My other two faves for the summer are Olay SUN Face Sunscreen + Shine Control with SPF and the Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. I've written about them here and here.  
We're on a skincare journey whether we realize it or not. For me, I enjoy sharing about products I find useful and it gives me joy to see and hear that it works for you, too. 
I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was useful to you. 
Happy Summer. 


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