Details On My Bridesmaids Dresses From Kleinfeld

 Today’s post is all about my bridesmaids dresses from Kleinfeld. If you’ve followed my wedding posts, you may have seen my prior post about shopping for my bridesmaids dresses. You can read it here. Finally, I get to share with you the one that made the cut.
I went with this Removeable Bandeau Kleinfeld Long bridesmaid dress and style because just like my own dress, I wanted my girls to look classy, classic, and timeless in their dresses. This dress had a removable bandeau piece but none of the girls wore it. Instead, a few of the girls got their busted area tacked. The wedding was an all white wedding with hints of greenery and gold. We asked our guests to wear all white because the venue grounds is lush green and surrounding a beautiful white castle.
This left me open to chose whichever color I wanted for the bridesmaids. I don’t like colors to clash or look messy and I loved either silver blue or silver grey. Here comes this beautiful dress in Silver grey to make my day. It was a great choice as I considered the body types of my girls and how it would fit them all. That was a key detail that was important to me. I really wanted all of them to feel and look beautiful, equally.
Kleinfeld Bridal Party had so many choices but this was the choice for me and my girls and they loved it. They all looked absolutely beautiful and graceful. Lincoln said when he saw them he just amazed at how gorgeous they all looked in their dresses. He kept thinking wow wow wow. My heart melted and I was at ease.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


  1. Those dresses are gorgeous I have always wanted to visit Klienfelds.

  2. These are very pretty Bridesmaids dresses.

  3. What a beautiful color scheme for the bridesmaids. Thanks for posting!

  4. Those are beautiful like out of a movie.

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