Getting Wedding Day Ready With The Olay 28 Day Challenge

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Hi Guys!
With my wedding coming up in a few short weeks, I decided to take on the Olay 28 Day Challenge to prepare my skin for the big day. I chose to do the challenge because I love and trust Olay products. I use a lot of their products but, I wanted to use this challenge in hopes of having the perfect wedding-ready-skin. Guess what? I'm pretty sure I accomplished my goal thanks to Olay 28 Day Challenge. Keep reading as I take you through the journey.
I focused on these three Olay products:
Olay Deep Hydrating Eye Gel was probably my favorite item of the three. I used to use one of Olay's other eyes creams, but the hydrating effect on this eye gel has been amazing under my eyes. It has constantly given my eyes a refreshed look. I've been trying to keep things low-key and, to not stress myself out too much with wedding planning but it has been hard. I really feel that committing to using the gel has really helped plump under my eyes. I love the cooling effect when I apply it under my eyes plus, the beautiful boosts of skin confidence.  
Next up is Olay Daily Facials. These cloths are so easy to use and extremely convenient. It's activated by adding a little bit of water to it. I've found that it not only cleansed my skin but it also gently exfoliated and made my skin smooth. I usually would have to use two or three products to get the same effect. The cloth itself is super gentle on contact with the skin and it removes dirt, oil, make-up and everything off my face with one cloth and wash.
I've been using Olay Whips for over a year  now and I always have a jar at home. For the challenge I focused on Olay Total Effect Whips. It absorbs so quickly on my skin upon application. It fully moisturizes my skin without being greasy. It felt as if my skin got a good dose of nourishment every morning and every evening for 28 Days. How can I stop now?!
This challenge was a SUCCESS. I'm so happy I did it. I usually use multiple products at once (no problem in that) but, committing to these key Olay products for 28 days was amazing. The improvements I found are that my skin is more even toned, plump, hydrated, and softer. This is how I want my skin to feel and look on my wedding day. I can now add a checkmark to "skin" on my wedding checklist- it's ready. If you are a bride-to-be, I encourage you to take this challenge and try to execute it to lead up to about a week or two weeks before your wedding. I plan to continue up until my wedding day because it worked so well. I'm confident it will for you too. If you're not a bride-to-be, try it for yourself and also share the challenge and journey with your friends.


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