10 Fabulous Quilted Jackets + A Giveaway To Get Your Own

Hi Loves,
So living in Los Angeles has some amazing perks...nice weather all year round, good beaches, amazing food, great shopping to name a few. While I love that we have such good weather all year round, I cannot help but to wish out Fall seasons were a bit more chilly. Since we do not experience harsh cold, I tend to buy my quilted jackets than coats and today I want to round up my 10 favorites at different price points.

1. First up is this Burberry one that I'm wearing. This is an investment piece for me and I love that I can dress it up and down. It's super comfortably and chic. 
2. Love this H&M one. I also own a similar H&M one and it's so good for everyday wear. 
3. This Barbour one form Macy's is such a chic one. I love the silhouette and shape.
4. This super girly one from Old Navy is perfect for super casual days. 
5. Some of the best deals can be found on Amazon and this one is super cute. Plus can't beat the price and has good reviews. 
6. Here's a longer Burberry option with a belt. Belted looks are so much more polished.  
7.  Another long option in burgundy-perfect for Fall. 
8. How gorgeous is this  Barbour white option- perfect for all year round. 
9. You're in for a major steal/save with this one from Khols
10. Let's not forget the men in our lives. This Vince Camuto one I found on Amazon is definitely my top pick for the guys. 

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Affordable Tailored Suit Trend

Hi guys, If you haven’t seen or heard about one of the biggest trends this Fall, I’m here to let you know. Bright colored tailored suits are IN and happening. I’m fond of color but I tend to lean more towards neutrals. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and hop on the bright color wagon and I may have developed a slight obsession. I went hunting for a tailored suit and my first place of choice was Asos. I’m 5’10” tall and I trusted that they would have something to fit. Well, they had so many options I was like a kid in a candy store :)

After adding a few options to my cart-such as this, this, this, and this, I decided to go with this pink blazer and pants. I also spotted this Blazer and pants on Boo Hoo and this blazer and trouser on Pretty Little Thing. I always love doing my seasonal shopping at different stores so I can mix up my look. I did end up buying a few items from Asos which I’ll share with you all as I snap photos with them (I’m usually quicker posting on my Instagram-so follow me there). I also shopped a few items from Forever 21 and Nordstrom Rack. I’m waiting on a few sales to do a little bit more shopping.  

To complete this look, I also got these leopard sandals from Asos- leopard is also super in. I mean, for me it’s always in but this Fall leopard is EVERYWHERE. The thing with leopard is that it’s timeless and I love timeless trends. I’ll do another post on leopard trend-I did shop a few additional leopard items too.

With this suit, I can wear it multiple ways and so I claim it as a good investment. I can wear the pants by itself with a T-shirt or a dressy top, the blazer with denim, skirt, over a dress. It options are plenty.
So, here are a few more colored suits I found for for all different taste, style, size and vibe. Get your fashion going and jump onto a fun trend. You don’t have to break the bank, just do it for you.

Have a grand week, everyone.



My Acer Swift 7 Laptop Is The Most Integral Technology In My Life

This post is in partnership with Acer, a brand I use and love. All opinions are 100% my own. 
Hello there, darlings!

As you guys know from a previous post, I own this amazing Swift 7 laptop from Acer. I love partnering with brands I truly love and talking about them on my blog. Recently I sent out a survey, and I was surprised by how many of you wanted to know more about the business part of my blogging my blogging lifestyle. It also truly warmed my heart to learn that quite a few of you are interested in becoming a blogger/influencer. It's a wonderful, challenging space, and so worth the hard work. I'll go deeper into that topic in another post. 
Now, I wanted to share with you the most integral technology in my life. Well, of course you realize by now that it's my Acer Swift 7. You guys, I LOVE this laptop so much. It's super chic (I love all things chic), thin, light and, super easy to carry around. I can slide it in my handbag or my carry-on luggage with ease whenever I am traveling. It's always by my side whenever I'm home too. It's like we're partners and I don't know how I would live without it :)

I do about 90% of my work and communication on my Acer Swift 7. It powers up and down super fast and, it runs smoothly. The speed, the start menu, the browser ability, and, most importantly the security of Windows 10 are umatched. I run my entire business on this laptop and feel safe and protected. 
Since I'm planning a destination wedding, I'm even more reliant on my Acer Swift 7. Do you realize my whole life is dependent on this laptop? Ha! It's all good though-I have all faith in it and I'm happy I chose it as my lifestyle-technology partner. So, for those of you just getting started or thinking about getting a new laptop, I say invest in one of these. You'll definitely be thanking me later. 
There are so many options out there when it comes to technology. Your laptop should be one that works for you and not the other way around. I've owned quite a few laptops and this Acer Swift 7 is immaculate. You'll love it. 
I hope you enjoyed this read, loves.


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