Here's Why Classic Engagement Rings Are Always In

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 Hi Loves,
Since I got engaged in December of last year I find myself having more and more conversations with both men and women around choosing the right ring. I often remark that every woman has their own taste in what they want in a ring. I sure did. I always knew exactly what I wanted except that my guy went for an even more classic cut, a round cut. I'm so happy he did. 
Classic rings are always in because they are timeless, chic, beautiful, and they say something about a woman. Take for example this gorgeous Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in yellow gold that I'm wearing from Macy's. This ring is 1 ct. t.w. and also comes in white and rose gold. 
So, you may wonder, why does she have or would want two engagement rings. Well, my original ring my fiance got me is of a different metal and a completely different cut and setting from this one. They're both classic rings, though. 
For me, I've always wanted two rings. This is my back-up ring, this is the ring I will wear on vacations, the ring I will match with my gold jewelry, and the ring I will wear when I want to switch things up. In in today's modern age, I don't see why not. As a working millennial woman and couple, we see and experience the world differently than our parents and grandparents did. The fact that knowledge and accessibility is a matter of being informed, setting and achieving goals is so much more tangible that before, why can I not have two classic rings?!

Macy's Star Signature Diamonds are available in round and fancy shapes and is of great value. What you're getting is defined proportions, polished and symmetry- this is what this collection and this ring boast. Each  diamond is also cut with 73 facet of magnificent sparkle. This along with many other reasons are why I went with Macy's for my second ring. It was an easy decision and one I'm extremely happy about.
I hope this post will help you in with your decision to go classic with Macy's

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  1. Yes girl!!! I totally agree that in this modern era it's perfectly ok to have more than one ring. I've seen many married women go ringless when they wear jewelry that doesn't match their wedding set. Yours is a very smart choice!


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