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Hi, Loves.
Oh-my-gosh! Oh-my-gosh!
I'm so excited to share this post with you all. I'm extremely excited because this is such a special time for me and, I've committed that I will share my wedding journey with you all. Now, I'd be lying if I didn't say how much I have dreamt of trying on and wearing a wedding dress. Most little girls dream of this time in their lives and here I am living that out and sharing it with you. Pinch me!
I decided to get a head start trying on dresses and seeing what I like and what I do not like. If there is one thing I know for sure is that I want to look the most beautiful I've ever looked on my wedding day.
Here's a true story: When my fiancé and I just started dating, I found myself giddily looking at wedding dresses. Yes, I was that smitten by his charm. They say when you know, you know. I saw this gorgeous wedding dress from Essense of Australia and I remember saying to my best friend (I was visiting her at the time), I'm going to marry L in this dress.

Fast forward to after our engagement, it was a natural fit that I go ahead and tried on Essense Designs dresses. I decided to check out their luxury line, Martina Liana. I absolutely love the elegance, glamour, and exquisite style of each dress in this line. The details are so romantic and timeless; it's so my taste and style. I'm looking for the dress that speaks to elegance and one that will stand the test of time. I want my kids and grandkids to someday look at my wedding dress photos and laud at how fab their mom/grand-mom looked on her wedding day. Their dresses can also be altered to fit any and every bride-style, taste and texture.

So without further ado, let's get into talking about each of these beautiful dresses I tried on.

First up is this gorgeous Illusion Lace Long-Sleeved Wedding Gown  (style 870). It was the first dress I tried on and I instantly felt emotional. It was all the emotions of oh-my-gosh this dress is absolutely gorgeous, fit like a glove and, I'M GETTING MARRIED feeling. I honestly now understand how and why wedding dress shopping is so emotional yet fulfilling. I love the illusion-lace neckline that blends perfectly with my skin tone. The romantic sleeves gives a perfect vintage touch and the sweetheart neckline add the right about of sexy. The lace work on this dress took my breath away. The fit was perfect for my curves; I felt so glam in it. I also admire the beautiful scallop hem details and it extended on to the train. This dress y'all spells-romance, class, vintage, and glamour.

Next up is this beautiful Romantic Princess Style Wedding Gown (style 950). Now, we all want to be or feel like a princess at some point in our lives and if it's going to be one occasion, it's going to be on my wedding day. Once I tried on this dress, I instantly had a Cinderella moment. I wanted to twirl in the boutique with imaginary music, lights, and beautiful decor- wait, that'll be my wedding day right? A girl can dream and that I did. I loved the flow, the beaded shoestring straps, and the dramatic train-yes to a dramatic train. It was so easy to wear, the movement and flow was absolutely wonderful and that's why this made my top five.
This next dress you guys is one I unexpectedly fell in love with-Lace Wedding Gown With High Neckline (style 948). When the stylist brought this as an option, I wasn't sure but as soon as she helped me get into the dress and zipped the back, I lost it. Again, another one that fit like a glove. While I absolutely loved the lace details, I initially thought it didn't have enough movement but man was I proven wrong. Forget feeling like a princess, I felt like a star in this dress. I love the high neckline, which really shows off my shoulders, mixed with the plunging sweetheart neckline. The back has gorgeous buttons that run along the line, off the illusion-tulle. The train spread beautifully into a perfect peacock shape. The lace work on this dress literally took my breath away    

Next up is this Crepe Wedding Dress With Side Cut Outs (style 921). I'm going to call this my wildcard. Like I said earlier, I went into my first fitting with an open mind and this dress, looking at it on the hanger didn't quite look like a dress I would try it.  I tried it on and fell in love with it. Honestly, It's in my top two. I love the pretty lace straps and the deep sweetheart neckline cut. The upper part of this dress was perfect for me because it accentuate my favorite body areas-my shoulders, arms, hips, and bust. I love the simple elegance it carried and how beautiful the mixture of fabric tied together. It also had a stretch to it that made it super comfortable and move-able.
The last dress I wanted to share with you guys is this Elegant Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Gown (style 955). My awesome stylist convinced me to try on something bohemian glam and I did. You guys!! how gorgeous? I love that the tulle emphasized a ball gown feel while still embodying the bohemian vibe I hoping for. One of the coolest things about this dress is that the sleeves are detachable. In essence, you can add or take away any sleeving you want. If I wanted a very glam sleeve, I could get beaded one. That's one of the beauty of Martina Liana dresses, you can get whatever your heart desire.

Now that you've seen my top five picks from Martina Liana, which one do you like the best and which one would seem more fitting for walking down the aisle? Let me know below in the comments section.

I had such a great time at Blush Bridal Couture trying on these dresses. The staff was amazing and really helpful. They made me feel so welcome and that added to the excitement of my wedding. I really hope you enjoyed this post. For all of my bride-to-be's go ahead and check out Essense of Australia and this beautiful Martina Liana line. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram as well. If you know of any soon to be brides, share this post with them, too.
Till next time ya'll.

This post was made possible by Martina Liana. All choices and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. They are all gorgeous dresses. I’m sure whichever one you decide to pick, it will love fabulous on you😘😘

  2. You look absolutely stunning in all. My favorites on you is the Illusion Lace long sleeved and the Crepe with the side cut outs. The Illusion is so romantic and timeless just a classic beauty. The Crepe is STUNNING honey!!!I love how it’s sophisticated, love all the details. They are all gorgeous gowns and I know you will look beautiful with your whichever you end up choosing.

  3. Oh, oh...I loved right away 1st choice: Lace Wedding Gown/High Neck #948. The front and the back was so right for you and it had the perfect train. Old Hollywood.LOOK AT YOUR POST OF YOU IN THIS DRESS FROM THE BACK.. WOW! 2nd choice:Illusion Lace Long Sleeve #870. I love the vintage look and the scoop illusion bodice will let your necklace be seen. 3rd choice: Crepe dress/side cut out.#921 I can see why you also would love this dress. At first, I did not like the front wide straps but the back and the side cut out made this dress a precious choice. Your necklace should fall perfect on these choices. My dear friend, it is #948- The silhouette on you is right and I have a few tears of joy over this time in your life.

  4. you are so gorgeous! I got so excited looking at the pictures. lol. but I really love style 921 on you... its bomb!!!

  5. They are all very beautiful...

  6. This is stunning! I love the off the shoulder dress -you look like a princess


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