LikeAGlove: The Revolutionary Way To Find Your Perfect Jeans

This post was sponsored by LikeAGlove. However, all opinions are 100% my own. 
Hi, Loves!
Ooh, I'm so excited to share this post with you all. You guys know I love telling you about new, cool and amazing things as I come upon them. Well, it's my job to do so, and I know you all expect me to, right? 
Ok, so, late last year learned about these smart leggings, tied to an app, called LikeAGlove. You every heard the saying"Fit like a glove" well, this revolutionary smart leggings took that term to the literal sense. What LikeAGlove does is, it measures your shape, sends the information to the app via bluetooth and, recommends your perfect size of your favorite jeans brand. You can also track your fitness by using these leggings. 

It's super easy to use, all you have to do is put on the leggings, download the app, connect via bluetooth, press the big orange patch on the front of the leggings and, voila- it measures your shape and size. It's literally right on your phone in the app. Your full measurements. 
Next step is to check out how your size vary at your favorite jeans brands right there on the app. Once you decide where you wan too shop, you click the brand (example Banana Republic) and it takes you seamlessly to their website.This is genius because I know many of us women struggle to know our exact size and we spend so much time in the dressing rooms at stores. Imagine that we do not have to do this anymore, we can comfortably and confidently know our sizes, and place our orders.
To make sure that this thing was accurate I tested it out and ordered a pair of jeans from one of my favorite jeans brand. I didn't want it to be delivered because I couldn't wait so I had them hold  it at the store. I went and picked it up and, to my delightful surprise, they fit "Like A Glove". This is the millennial woman dream. We are always working, busying socializing, being parents, and we have little to no time to spend in dressing rooms or scrolling aimlessly online wondering if a pair of jeans will fit. Not to mention having to remember to return the jeans by going to the post office it they do not fit. Well, problem solved, thanks to LikeAGlove
Another cool characteristic, I can use it to measure my fitness journey. I started working out with a trainer last September and with my upcoming wedding I am determined to shed a few pounds and this will help. I actually hate getting on a scale. It doesn't tell me anything other than a number. Really, it's not smart. Haha! I used to always measure my fitness journey based on how my clothes fit and this smart leggings will not only help me choose the right jeans that fit, it will also tell me my exact measurements. It doesn't measure weight, it measures inches which is so much more telling in fitness. I'm winning over here. 
Guys, these leggings are under $80, the app is free, and the coolest part- you do not have to charge them or turn them off. The smart leggings turn itself off after prolonged inactivity and needs no charging, ever.
If I haven't compelled ya'll to do anything since the year started, then this is it. Get one now. Come back when you do and let me know in the comments section or on Instagram under this post how you like it. 
I hope you found this post useful, Loves.
Thanks for swinging by

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