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For those of you who personally know me or have been following my blog and social platforms knows how much I seek to accomplish 'perfect' skin. Skincare is something my girlfriends and I discuss ALL the time. In a way, I think of my blog as a relationship-platform between you and I. While I do not know many of you, I know you stop by to read on whatever portion of this blog that speaks to you the most. Today, I'm on the ever so loved topic of skincare. I consider myself your guinea pig and I will test and try out new products for a period of time and then share it with you. We all have different skin types and I do hope that many of you have benefitted from theses types of posts. 
I recently discovered  Trufora, an ethical and environmentally friendly skin care line. What this means is that this skin care brand makes products that are not harmful to your skin or the environment. Their products are dermatologist tested, fragrance-free, and suitable for ALL skin types. I decided to try out a system of their products, meaning I am using two or more products and here's what I am using and my thoughts:
Say hello to this amazing Intensive Night Treatment. I'm literally a giddy cat in the mornings just hopping to the mirror to look at my face. I wake up to a firmer, more supple face, and I can tell the difference as opposed to if I had not used the cream before bed. I can also tell that it added moisture to my skin too.  
The one beauty item I became obsessed with ever since I hit my 30s is eye cream and Trufora's Perfecting Eye Cream does wonders. There are days when I am overworked or haven't slept good and a bit of this really helps to alleviate eye-bags and is great for dark circles. If you suffer form any of these or simply looking for a good eye cream, this is highly recommended. I find that what it did for me the most was hydrate under my eyes and that's amazing. 
My Loves, here's something I really want each of you to take away from this post, day cream with SPF (at least 30) is key and this Titanium Day Cream SPF 30 is a tinted glowy moisturizer with SPF. I call it a 3-in-1 because you get the benefits of a moisturizer, a SPF, and a tinted coverage. So for those of you who do not wear much make-up, this is a great option. You simple apply in the mornings before you head out and be on your way. You skin will be protected and rejuvenated each day and the tint is great for all skin tones. 
I truly hope you found this post useful and that my recommendation will help some of you. My skin is very tricky and studying and trying out new products is what helps me to maintain. I'm thinking of trying Trufora's Tripple Action Exfoliator next so I may update this post if I do. 
Have a great weekend and come back and let me know if you have tried these products and your thoughts. ALso check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram



  1. I loooove skin care product just like you and I need to get this and try it if it looks as good as on those pictures! Can't wait to see more of your beauty tricks and products!

  2. You had me at ethical! I wish more companies were ethical and took that into consideration. Your skin looks wonderful and I'm sure it was because of Trufora! I'm going to need that day cream with SPF for the coming sunny days.

  3. You have such great skin, babe! xo, Suzanne~ www.suzannespiegoski.com

  4. I agree with Jen! Just to know it's from an ethical company intrigues me and then to hear and see your results is absolutely amazing!

  5. These photos are so pretty and your skin looks amazing!
    I have my eyes on that eye cream! I really need something good for that are of my face!
    Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts!

  6. These products by Trufora sound great! I'd love to try especially the eye cream! By the way your skin looks incredible! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  7. Hello friend! These products from Trufora sound amazing! They must work cause look at you, your skin is so perfect. I loved learning more about the skin company and you wrote this post wonderfully, for us your readers. Can't wait for your sure to be awesome next post.
    Love, Dom

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  9. I truly hope you found this post useful and that my recommendation will help some of you. My skin is very tricky and studying and trying out new products is what helps me to maintain. I'm thinking of trying Trufora's Tripple Action Exfoliator next so I may update this post if I do.
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