My Day at Malibu Wine Safari

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Happy Weekend. I have been writing this post for over two weeks and finally it is here. A few weeks back I went to Malibu Wine Safari, here in LA. I am a huge wino and a country girl at heart, so this combination was a no brainer for me. Getting dressed I wanted to incorporate the idea of where I was going to be reflected in what I wore. I decided on this beautiful OTS gignham dress from She-in - which is only $29.99 by the way. I paired it with my classic Chanel bag and these gorgeous caged fringe sandals from Charlotte Russe for only $24.99.  Every season there are multiple trends but, I personally do not get into all of them. One trend I couldn't resist though were chokers. Chokers are so 90s an I am an 80s baby so the 90s were when I grew to know myself and chokers were a big part of my sense of fashion in the 90s. I think Lil Kim was the first person I saw wore a chocker back in the 90s. So, I topped off my look with this super inexpensive choker from Forever21
Now to the details of the wine safari experience. 

We made our way up the beautiful Malibu coast line on a hot Saturday evening. I had to stop for a quick Starbucks stop. We drove throughout the Canyons and found our way to this fully preserved and beautiful property Malibu Wine Safari. I have been meaning to visit for a while now but things always seem to get in the way. So, once we paid for the reservations a few weeks ahead there was no turning back. Ah, so happy we did.

We had an hour to kill before the tour started so I went and snapped some pictures for you all. The property is a large one and the main office is housed in this funky farm shack. We checked in, they gave us our wrist bands according to our tour and offered complimentary water. 

The truck came and we had two tour guides. One that drove and one that gave the tour. Of course the one that drove didn't drink, well to be fair, the other didn't either. More for me, thank you. We learned the history of the property and the tour stopped at three locations so we could sip different types of wines and explore. I wish I could tell you all the wines we tried, but clearly someone gobbled a bit too early and too fast to pay attention to the fine details. Haha! I know we started off with Whites, then Rose and ended with Reds. I really loved the Sauvignon Blanc we had and I remember thinking the Malbec was so good. They also fed us crackers and dip. 

On our second stop we got to get off the truck to pet the animals. This beauty my loves was in the movie, Lord of The Rings as Gandalf's horse. I was so so excited because I am a super geeked out Lord of The Rings fan. She was beautiful and friendly and I pet and fed her carrots. SO cool!!!!!!
I also got to pet and feed the zebras and bisons. 

Here's a shot of a piece of their vineyard.

I think they said this was either the first or largest non-digital 3D lens. 
The door to nowhere. For some reason I had a Game of Thrones hunch when we passed by this door. 
The property hosts weddings and parties and there was a wedding happening. It was so beautiful. 
The tour took about an hour and it was just right. We enjoyed six glasses of different wines and snacked a bit. My tour truck was a 9 seater and everyone on our truck was super nice and we all got along. Put wine in the mix of anything and everyone is happy. 
Snapped a few more shots after the tour ended and then made our way back to the westside. 
We pulled over for this gorgeous view along the canyon route and it was such a lovely evening. 
I do hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you are ever in southern California, you must visit Malibu Wine Safari.




New Fave: Christian Paul Watch

Hello Loves!
Stopping by today to tell you about a recent discovery of these amazing watches from Christian Paul. They are an Australian brand and the quality is exceptional. I'm wearing the 43MM Elwood Grid from the Grid Collection. If you notice, I’m almost always wearing a watch and I am quite particular about the watches I wear. I do have an average collection and adding this piece just made my other watches jealous. I can dress it up easily or down like I did here. You all know by now I love dresses but I also have a super tomboy side to me. This outfit is a slight peek into my sporty tomboy side.
I hope you are all having an amazing day. 

Thanks for reading my loves



My Picks For The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hi Guys!

So, everyone knows that if you are ever going to go shopping overload at Nordstrom, this is the time. Yes, Nordstrom best sale, Anniversary Sale is currently on and prices go back up on August 8th. I have been eyeing a few items that are worth every penny on sale. I love sales like these because I get quality for a fraction of the price. I have listed some of my favorites below to help you navigate your way through this sale. If I could recommend one item and one item for sure, I would have to say these Steve Madden OTK Boots. Why? Because they are flexible and serves two seasons, Fall and Winter (part of Spring too). They are extremely comfortable and very versatile. I've snagged myself a pair and you should too. 
Happy Shopping loves!


High-Low Classy Dress

 Hi there loves!
I hope you all had an amazing weekend and that the new week is off to a good start. I am sending hugs and kisses and positive vibrations to each and every one of you. Today's post features this beautiful dress from Closet London. This store has become one of my new faves for dresses. The quality is exceptional and build with so much details. I feel like Michelle Obama in this number. As a meter of fact, I think Michelle Obama would definitely love and appreciate this dress and all of Closet London Dresses, they are so her style and clearly mine. Can you tell, she is my style crush, especially when I am in my modest mode of dressing. 

So anyway, I paired my dress with these gorgeous yellow block heel sandals and classic Chanel bag for a lovely evening of high-tea. See how I styled another dress from Closet London in this post here
As always my loves
Thanks for swinging by
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