Autumn Tones

Mid-week blues is up on us loves and, to be honest I'm already planning on relaxing this weekend. That means, no long conversations on the phone, unlimited Netflix, lots of tea and quality time with my guy. Oh! and a daily workout session. Anyway, set the plans aside and let's discus this look. Two things about this look; 1. Dressing for Fall while living in hot climates and 2. This gorgeous leatherette skinny zip-ankle pants.

Let's discuss the idea of being on trend for the Fall season while living in warmer areas. The key is to incorporate Fall colors such as this army green pants and champagne/nude tail top. The other thing you can do too is to incorporate lighter textures of typical Fall texture. So, instead of wool, wear silk, instead of a coat wear a light duster. You get the idea! The best thing that will work for you is colors. No matter what the fabric might be a challenge, but colors will be your best friend.

I bought these pants in Summer while Zara was having their summer sale. I must admit, they look weird unworn. They are the type of pants that it you do not have any vision as to how it may look on you, you would skip out on buying it. It is super comfortable and I love the zipper details on it. The color is this army green intermixed with brown undertones- Hello Fall colors!!!!

I must mention that tail tops are definitely on trend and is also a lasting style..a mean it does remind me of a magician outfit, but that makes me one fashionable magician if I may so so myself :)

Hope you enjoy this post. See below similar items you can shop to achieve a similar look.
Thanks for reading loves



  1. Slaying it babe!
    xoxo Jen

  2. I loveeeee this look. Your jeans are everything. I love a great pair a jeans with some added details. So cute!!! Very city chic.

    P.S. I could watch Netflix all day if I could.

    Hugs & Love


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