Balmain X H&M Colloboration

Well hello loves!
I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn't make it known (for those who don't know) that Balmain & H&M are collaborating to bring us an awesome phenomenal collection this Fall. H&M have previously done this with Alexander Wang, Versace, Anna Dello Rosso to name a few. For the masses such as myself, I get super excited when high fashion powerhouses such as Balmain and the like, collaborates. We all want a piece of the high fashion cake. Well, at least I do. I have salivated multiple times over Balmain's pieces, so, the idea that I can now afford it, makes me happy. I have one worry though, sigh! Remember my story about (Lilly for Target collabo-Read It Here). The potential of it all being sold out online and the fact that people will be camping out at the stores-makes me a bit sad. I do hope they limit each buyer to a certain amount of pieces, that way we can all get a piece the cake. 
 The photos here (taken from Instagram) are some of the pieces that will be in the collection. I will keep you up to date as this develops.
Oh! and, by the way, I love Olivier Rousteing and his work. He is exceptionally talented and, I love the work he does over at Balmain.
Chat later guys!


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