Vest & Pink

We are in full swing layering weather and the other day it was necessary to add a few layers. With the gloomy weather, I still needed to feel bright so I added this pink shirt to do just that. Plus, this stipe top I picked up at TJmaxx after winning a $50 Maxxinista Contest on Instagram in October, served as the perfect mac to my cheese. I was so excited because it is literally one of my favorite all time places to shop:)
Blouse: Via TJmaxx, similar Here, Shirt: H&M-similar here Old Navy, Vest (old-L.L Bean)-love this option Here, Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo, Handbag: Via TJmaxx, Watch: DKNY, Ring: Forever21, Bracelets: Gifted & Charlotte Russe.
Thanks for reading loves,



  1. Love the pinks and blue! Wow Charlotte Russe really knew what bracelets of hers would go with that outfit and your style. The Starbucks Red Cup....adds a nice Christmas sparkle to all of it.

    1. Thank you. I live for Starbucks red cups:)

  2. I just love your versatility hun.. you could dress in fig leaves and I'm sure you could pull that off too.. lol
    Love the combo and the bracelets are deff a plus. .. xx


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