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Hi Loves
Today’s post is another installment of my recent travels to Europe. Today I am sharing photos and my experience visiting Poland. I have never gone to a country where English was minimal in communication and this was an exciting adventure to embark on. I enjoy traveling and one thing that is important to me is to ‘have no expectation’ when I go to a new place. I find that expectations can set you up for disappointment more so than satisfaction. I also like to create my own memories form direct experience.
With that said, Poland took my breath away. I was wowed, astonished, and captivated by its beauty, the even temperedness of the people, and the polite yet vibrant atmosphere. We spent two days and we flew from London to Warsaw (capital of Poland). Upon arrival, our taxi driver was so friendly and gave us good information as to where to eat and what to do. We didn’t waste any time, as soon as we got to our hotel we were booked for our first tour. I’m usually the kind of traveler that likes to explore and figure stuff out on my own but since we were only spending two days, we figured a guided tour would be lovely.

We spent all of our time in  the capital,Warsaw and we got to see pretty much all of it. Poland is so rich with history and it channeled through the conversations we had with our tour guide. I won’t necessarily go into the history but I am sure if you are intrigued you can find lots of historical documents online.

Before our tour departed we went for  a quick lunch at Stixx and enjoyed a delicious meal and great wine. I noticed that people were well mannered, ate quietly and the service was overall excellent.

The famous composer Chopin was Polish and they had this cute little bench in the park that actually plays his music. How cool?!

There was a lot of Chinese influence present all over the park. I did  ask why but I cannot remember what I was told.. oops! Hehe!
 We also stumbled upon the very first “White House” which was home to a sitting King’s Mistress. It was said that they couldn’t be married because the mistress was not from a noble family. Well, there is then and there is now, hello Kate Middleton.

This round structure is called the Water Tower and I had to go up close and take  a good look at the gorgeous details. It now houses jewelry.

We also caught a pretty view of Myslewicki Palace and it was breathtaking.

Once we toured the park, we made our way to the central area of the town but before we got there we stopped at a few monuments, one particularly being The Jewish Ghetto Wall Monument. A monument put in place as a memory of those who were slayed by Nazis. This is not to be confused with the Holocaust, but rather a separate event where thousands lost their lives. It was sad to hear the stories and It makes you remember or realize that all over the world there was and there still are suffering.
We are now in the area where it seemed the most movement was happening, Old Town, and was greeted by the beautiful Royal Castle. We dined at one of the beautiful eateries set up in the local area. I just love how the ‘restaurants’ in that area are simply canopies with beautifully laid flowers and neatly assembled tables and chairs.

After we were done enjoying our drinks it was already night fall and we strolled around the area. There were so many churches in one area and that tells that this is a very spiritual nation. People were entering the church at night casually. There were also many ice-cream shops (I’m not sure the Polish Translation) and many many people were out in the hustle and bustle hanging out and socializing.

Once we walked through the entire locale, we make our way back to our hotel.

On our second day we simply wandered around walking and sightseeing. I had to put my camera away at this point because I wanted a few hours to be fully vested in the experience. We enjoyed some really delicious coffee and yummy pastries I cannot pronounce. Haha!
I know this was a long read and a lot of pictures but I do hope you enjoyed reading it and that I have inspired you to visit if you have not gone before. 

Thanks for swinging by loves and stay tuned for my Paris photo diary next week. If you haven't seen my London posts, see them here & here



  1. Jan and I enjoyed Your Blog together! Oh the store windows are so charming,the coffee and the pastries delish, the surrounding parks, classic buildings and old world streets. The people are spiritual and very kind. I married one of them! So glad your experience was hear warming.

  2. i've never been to poland, but it's on my list. krakow is supposed to be beautiful. we were in austria, germany, and slovenia in june, and i just love all the history which is so evident in the buildings. you are so right, though, about being reminded that it's not all cute villages and delicious food. when we were in austria, we went to a big concentration camp that was hard to see of course, but necessary. it's just so strange b/c the surrounding area was so peaceful and beautiful countryside, and yet right on the grounds there was mass suffering and murders. shakes head.


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