White Dress & Vanity Fair Pre-Emmy Event

Happy Monday loves! 
Did you guys watch the Emmys? Where are my Game Of Thrones fans? Whoo-hoo we won best drama for second year in a row. I mean, what's better than GOT. I cannot wait for it to return next year. Hands down the best show ever, so far in my lifetime, that I have watched. I'm watching the rest of the award show as I am writing this post. Hoping your favorite show/s get an award. 

I had the privilege to attend the Vanity Fair Pre-Emmy Social on Saturday (day before the Emmys) and the first thing I said to myself was "What am I going to wear?" I knew it was going to be a warm day in LA so I quickly reached for this beautiful White Mesh Dress from Make Me Chic and let me tell you, it was a great choice. I got so many compliments and many thought it was Self-Portrait but when I revealed that it wasn't, and that it was only $37 they were amazed. It just goes to show, it's not always about an expensive label, it is all about how you wear what you wear. Here's a Self-Portrait dress for you to compare. Also, make sure you size up if you plan on getting this dress. 
 The event itself was simply chic LA style. It was held at Platform LA space and nicely decorated with touches of entertainment, cozy, and shabby chic. It was an all day event where continental breakfast, champagne, wine, lunch, and cocktail hour at the end was served. I enjoyed the outdoor space and snapped  a few pictures so that I would be able to share them with you. Luckily I live only 5 minutes from the venue and made it there early before the other surge of bloggers. Us blogger love an empty space to take photos. Hehe!
I also had the opportunity to get my shade match for the perfect Red from Shiseido and turned out my perfect red was Burning Up. I learned a few tricks and tips from the stylist about putting on my lipstick. 
It was such a great day with Panelist from You Tube Red, Blackish, custom designer of Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Lyn Paolo, Country Music superstar, Trisha Yearwood, and many more. I love attending events like these as they bring together other influencers, creatives, and one of the coolest thing for me is to run into other bloggers that I know from social media and finally getting to meet them in person.  
Hope you enjoy the photos and the read.


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