The Perfect Refresher For A Hiking Adventure

Thanks to Teavana for sponsoring this post, all opinions are 100% my own.
Hi there, Loves. 
If you follow me on Instagram then you likely have seen my insta-stories of my hiking adventures super early most Saturday mornings. I absolutely love the outdoors, and hiking is the one active thing I do that doesn't feel like a workout and I absolutely enjoy it. I love the adventure of captivating views, beautiful flora, warm strangers, animal and insect discovery, and all the beauty that comes with the outdoors. 
Once my hike is over, I'm usually in the mood for a tasty refresher to refill my fluids and refresh my body. My go to is Teavana , and I always make myself a fresh cold glass for my hiking adventure. One of my favorite flavors is the Citrus Lavender Sage which both smells and taste like heaven. I simply brew it in my Infusion Tea Pitcher which makes enough for two full  Cold Cup Glass
It's super easy to make. I simply add a few spoons of my Citrus Lavender Sage Tea into my Infusion Tea Pitcher, I let is sit there for a few minutes and then I put it in the refrigerator for about an hour to get it perfectly chill. In the mean time, I'll go ahead and get ready for my hike.
Once I am all dressed and lotion down with SPF, I pour my refreshing blend into my Cold Cup Glass, which actually keeps my drink cool for a long time. I then add a tad bit of Teavana® Belgian Rock Sugar using my cute Teavana® Perfectea™Spoon; just enough to add a bit of sweet and take my drink to the next level. This Citrus Lavender Sage Tea flavor so yummy and flavorful, you do not even have to add sugar. It's really that tasty and refreshing, I promise.  
Once I'm back down to ground level from my hike, I indulge in the tasty glory of this delicious iced tea and nothing beats being able to enjoy a delicious drink after an epic hiking adventure. 
Have you guys tried Teavana before and whats your favorite flavor? If you haven't tried them before here's your chance of winning one of the three (3) prizes happening in their sweepstakes right now.  Head over and enter. 
I do hope you guys enjoyed this post and that I have encouraged your next summer adventure. Maybe it's just you or maybe a family adventure. Either way, I urge you to get out this summer and make it fun. Don't forget to grab your Teavana, too. 
Thanks for reading, Loves.



  1. I have never tried that before but I believe that is so tasty. And I love hiking too. :)

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  4. Such a good way to refresh those camping days! Cheers!

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