Undergarment Best Kept Secret: Comfort, Fit, & Skin Tone Match

 This post was sponsored by Macy's. All opinions are 100% my own. 
Well hello there loves. Today's post is a little bit more intimate, literally. I've always promised you my readers to test and try amazing products on the market and to share with you what I like and what I think may be of interest to you all. I've been looking for new undergarments and after testing out a few new ones, I found my old love back in Jockey-which I picked up at Macy's recently. I say old love because I used to wear lots of Jockey undergarments in high school and, in retrospect, they were long lasting, comfortable, and fit me great. Fast forward some years later, the quality, fit, and comfort is just as great. For me, that says a trusted and durable brand. 
I was definitely impressed with the new Jockey Air Seamless Collection. They have multiple shades to match everyone's skin tone. I picked up this bralette and hipster in bronze to match my skin tone. I absolutely love it. It's not often I can find undergarment that matches my skin tone. I also got the bralette and bikini bottom in black. 
The fabric on this line is so light and make for an easy and comfortable fit. I can easily wear it under my outfits with ease. It is also invisible under my clothes because of the seamfree® design and bonded leg treatment. Guys, I literally cannot tell in feel that I have on undergarment. That is just how comfortable and soft the fabric and fit is. 

Weather I am getting dressed for heading out or responding to emails and enjoying a glass of water early in the mornings, I can tell you I live for my comfort and I'm absolutely getting it in these pieces. This new Jockey Air Seamless line is my new pleasure and I have been telling everyone about it, including you all of course :).
As I write this post, I am thinking to myself 'my oh my how amazing it is to rediscover a brand I once loved and falling in love with it all over again'.
I'm dancing my way into comfortable party under my outfits, are you? If you aren't, you cannot say I didn't tell you about this new Jockey Air Seamless Collection. Head to Macy's and get yours now. Remember, they have multiple colors to match everyone's skin tone so grab yourself whatever your heart desires. 
You can thank me later, Loves. Hehe!
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  1. I love the seamless design and I will certainly jog over to Macy's and check out the colors. We all are attentive to what we wear on the outside, we forget what we wear on the "inside"- that which is unsceen - is just as important to help complete The Look!

  2. having comfy undergarments is so important and i love the fact that these are seamless!

    cute & little

  3. Oh I definitely need to check out this collection at Macy's!
    Looks so comfy and these pics are adorable!

  4. These look like they are so comfy, have great coverage and did you just say color match? I love a good neutral color one underneath a white tee.

    xo Sheree

  5. Girl, you are so beautiful! xoxo, Suzanne

  6. Whenever they get something similar going for guys, give me a heads up! Haha.
    Thomas xx

  7. Love this undergarment set on you, so stunning you are! It looks really comfy and I love Macy's! I've got to stop by that section the next time I'm at Macys. Thanx for sharing with us! <3
    Amy K.


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