Some Really Awesome Products I'm Currently Loving

Hi again, Loves. 
Sharing with you today some of my current favorite products. I come across many products and some of them literally become favorites. I'm the type of person that loves samples and also love testing something new. I have been using most of the products for the past 2 or three months and here's my thoughts on them. 

First up are these Aveda balancing body mists. There are actually 7 or 8 (in a set) and I love spraying them on my skin when I do yoga or after a long day where I have showered and relaxing to a good glass of wine, and a good read or lovely movie. I really like Chakra 1(grounded)  and 6 (insight/perception). Each bottle serves a different purpose and I enjoy tuning into the purpose of each scent. If you are into zen-like, centered, or awareness lifestyle, then these are worth a try. 
These two mists are my favorite make-up mists right now. They are from Pixi and these are Glow Mist and Make-up Fixing Mist. They both do a great job setting my make-up and giving my face the perfect glow. They also smell fresh and great. 
Ok, so oddly this disposable cup made my list. I've been enjoying homemade coffee even more due to these fun, bright, and cute Cheeky x Whitney Port cups. The sleeves says "morning" and that  alone make some super happy driving to work. I'm also fond of the charity efforts of Cheeky and that they donate a meal for each item you buy. They're partnered with No Kid Hungry and Feeding America to help end hunger right here in America. I do not know about you but, efforts like this really make me feel apart of something great, by supporting. So the next time you go out to shop for disposables, pick Cheeky up- they can be found easily in Target.
I actually got this in a goodie bag and I have been hunting it down online but cannot find it. I LOVE this shower spray. You know when you go to the spa and they have eucalyptus spray in the shower and you stay like 30 mins taking  shower just to spray eucalyptus until you're dizzy? I keep saying "your" but that's actually my very own confession :)
I think I've found a replacement in this one when my other one is finished. I also spray a little bit in my room over my bed before bedtime. It's really calming and I find that it also helps my guy clear his sinus. 
Last but not least is this amazing mask from Schique skincare I have been using for about 2 weeks now. I've used it four times and totally fallen in love. If you notice it has light white/mini blue particles in it. Once applied it's soft to the skin and the blue beads turn into a full on blue faced mask. I actually got this mask from a beauty media event and the makers were there. They explained the benefits of the blue beads as being natural and great for the skin and I've proven that my face has been feeling and looking bight and hydrated since I have began using it. 

Let me know what you guys have been using lately and loving
I'd love try some new stuff. 


  1. these products look so good! I am obsessed with vitamin C serums!

  2. I actually bought those Aveda mists for my best friend and they are so great! Very soothing. Great picks :)

  3. Love Aveda products! Would love to try their body mist <3

    xo, Claire | VONVOGUE.COM

  4. Ooooooh! I spy some Pixi products that I love too! Great, bright shots love.


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