One of The Cutest & Yummiest Seafood Eatery On The Westside

Hey Loves. 
If you follow my Instagram then you likely see overload stories of my food. I post more food stuff than anything else. Yes, I'm a huge foodie my nickname is cookie and it's shortened for cookie monster because of how much I love food. Thankfully my guy loves food too and we both enjoy exploring and trying new places. However, I am such picky eater but I find that I enjoy fresh, local, light dishes. I sometime indulge in greasy and high carbs food because what is life with ought those? I love a good balance and treating myself weekly. 

We branched out for lunch one Friday not knowing where to go and while cruising we came upon this cute little fish market and raw bar, Tangaroa. It was not crowded and we quickly googled the menu and looked at each other and knew this was our lunch spot for the day. Thankfully, it was not crowded and I asked the namer if could snap a few shots to featured on my blog and he said yes. 

We enjoyed yummy drinks and my lobster salad was nothing short of amazing. I also took a big bite from my guy's burger and it was fresh and delicious. 
Do you like exploring for new eateries in your town? How do you decide to try out a new place to eat? 
Have a good day, Loves

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