Work Chic Outfit

 Hello loves!
Here's a trivia, what song does this photo prompt in your head? Hint- Whiz Khalifa! After viewing shots of this outfit, all I could do is sing the song. One of my Instagram babes caught the same fever too (Hello Mimi & ChiChi)! hehe!
This look was a work look and although I love getting super dressed up or casual chic, I do maintain a 9-5 workwear five days out of the week. I've always wanted to share my work outfits with you all but, I haven't found the time or resources, to make that happen just yet. I'll figure it out in the near future, promise. 
As you can tell, I maintain a minimalist vibe even in work attire. I wear little to no jewelry and this look is an easy wear as my job tend to wander me through meetings at multiple locations throughout the day. 
These slacks are perfect for movement and this sweater is the perfect balance between color and comfort. 
To top it all off, my nude pumps blended great with the rest of my outfit. 

What's your work wear like? Do you wear a uniform? Casual? Dressy? Relaxed? 
Thanks for swinging by darlings


  1. Wow, if I looked that great going off to work...That yellow hue is shouting out spring-time gladness and daffodils

    1. Haha! Thank you so much. it really is a lovely yellow.

  2. Love the look, especially the pants


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