Army Casual

Hello loves!
Happy New Week. I'm actually excited about this new week simply because I have lots of plans to make for the blog. I'm really considering a whole re-branding of my blog, and I am making plans to add more Lifestyle content for you all. I'll keep you posted. 

With that said, today's look is all about the army green details and these jeans I ripped open in the thigh/knee. I've had these boyfriend jeans for a few years and last year I decided to put  a big rip on the thigh/knee area. I'm actually considering adding a bigger rip in the other knee. I love what I have done to it much more than how it was in it's original state, it has more edge now.  You've seen me wore this camoflauge jacket before and it is definitely on high rotation recently. It's perfect for keeping me warm enough in this Southern California weather this is a super casual look I wore this. past weekend while grocery shopping, and you know, regular everyday stuff. I do hope you enjoy.

I've linked similar options of the items I am wearing below. 

So, here's a little side note. For some reason I have been having strokes of luck since the year started. I hope I didn't just knock my chances of good karma by spilling the beans. Anyway, follow me on Snapchat: STYLEWEEKENDER and see some of my everyday shenanigans. 

Have an amazing week darlings


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