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Hello loves!
Today I'm sharing a current crave, candles, and the brands and scents that I'm currently loving. I seriously have a strong love for candles. You could gift me candles and or flowers over and over, and I would be just as excited and thankful as the time before. 

I burn candles every single day and I change them as the seasons change, or on special occasions. If you come to my home, you will find candles in every room both decorative and in use. I've even made a few candles which turned out quite lovely. 
With that said, here are my current faves and what I am currently burning in my home. 
I'm seriously in love with Cream Candle Co candles. Their scents are amazing and their candles are made from Organic Ecosoy Soy wax, which is totally what you want to be burning in your home. 
This is the Bora Bora is my personal fave. Think about actual Bora Bora, a dreamy, beautiful, calming, relaxing, and sensual sense of vibrancy. Well this scent is just that. It is fresh, yet filled with a lovely aroma that will fill your home. I was burning it for only 10 minutes when a visitor walked in and instantly asked "hmm what's smelling so good in here". I love those kind of compliments in my home. Use code 5aryw4 for 15% off $20 up to 03/30/16.
My other fave from Cream Candle Co is the Black Currant Tea. This scent is extremely calming. I suggest this for after work calmness, meditation, yoga or simply a relaxing day/evening in your home. It is not too powerful yet gives a calming and relaxing aroma. It is more on the potent side with just the right amount of aroma for those who do not like strong scents. Again, use code 5aryw4 for 15% off $20 up to 03/30/16.

I'm always loving Diptyque- Baies. This is my favorite from Diptyque brand of candles. This scent is the epiphany of potent. 
I picked up this Diptyque- Spain from my trip to New York last Fall and this was perfect for the holiday season. It smells like a Christmas tree that was turned into a fragrance. I'm still burning it but sadly it is on it last lap. 
This FarmHouse Fresh Spiced Rum and Bunny Slippers is made of soy-wax and smells divine. This scent is very mild and again, perfect for anyone who does not like strong scents. It came with a cute Reindeer sleeve, and I plan to re-use this container,  once the candles burns out, and the sleeves every Christmas. :)
Oh Yes Lavender baby! Lavender is that one scent that is always perfect for candles. You can never go wrong. I like burning this DW Lavender Chamomille while reading or watching a movie. Very soothing. 
Cream Candle Co : Bora Bora & Black Currant Tea

What are you currently loving? Share with us. 

Thank you so much for swinging by darlings.
Have a great weekend

Cream Candle Co candles were gifted to me. All opinions are 100% true and are my own. 


  1. I bet these smell yummy. I absolutely looooove candles. I'm a Yankee Candle gal, but if these smell as good as Yankee, then I need to give them a shot.

    <3 Raven

    1. Hi Raven,

      I love Yankee too. Definitely on of my favorite brands for candles. You cannot go wrong with Yankee. These definitely smell as good and some even better. Have a great weekend

  2. I'm a big fan of Diptyque candles, and the Spain one sounds lovely! Wonder if they sell it in the UK

    1. Me too, Diptyque totally has my heart. The Spain is amazing. Maybe they have it there in UK, you should really check and give it arty especially that you are a big fan.

  3. Try Molly Rue Candles. They are 100% soy, simple and elegant! http://www.mollyrue.com/

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