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Hello Bellas:)
I wanted to share with you this awesome new product I've ben using. My girlfriend gave this to me a little over two weeks ago and, I've been using them non-stop. I've never heard of Farmhouse Fresh when she introduced them to me. I always trust my girlfriend's eye for details on beauty products. We have pretty much the same taste and she usually gifts me lovely organic/natural or simple amazing products.
I fell in love with the mask the first time I tried it. I usually use Origins mask, but I must admit, this one will temporarily put Origins out of business. It has an awesome tingling sensation with lots of moisture and a fresh feeling once it's rinsed off. I simply followed the instructions on the back. However, if you have sensitive skin, it might not be good for you. It's 99.6 natural.
Let's talk about this hand cream. Talk about a nourishment for your hands. I know we sometimes forget how important it is to moisturize our hands but, It really is. Think about it, our hands are always exposed and, washing it multiple times per day, means it gets dry and brittle without you even feeling or knowing it. I do love  good hand cream and this one is so soft and moisturizing.
So babes, if your looking for a new product to try, I 'd definitely recommend this brand. I've linked the products below and also linked some other items I plan on trying.
Thanks for swinging by and have a good weekend


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