As The Summer Ends

In sadness that summer is coming to an end, I am making every effort to wear every piece of summer garment. What I will surely miss about summer days are the easy pieces of clothes, sometimes little to nothing, you can put on and get away with it. Hell, if I wanted to run to the grocery store in a bikini, I literally could. Living so close to the beach, the assumption would be "oh she's heading to the beach".  But I wouldn't, well at least not anymore.
Notice the scarf? except for how pretty it is, It is perfect for a light dress because the evenings are getting cooler as the summer comes to an end. Shall we discuss this pretty little clutch? Or this statement piece? It was a gift from a very dear friend and she knows me and my style so well. It has become quite a conversation piece, people stare or they comment "how cute" "where did you get that?" etc.
Well, let me run. Hope mid-week is good to you. Chat soon.
Scarf (gifted): Threads For Thought


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  1. The scarf is wonderful and the clutch is a delight.... just the right accessory for your last summer fling!


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