Stushi Gal Style Jamaican Patios Big-Up T-Shirt

Well Happy Friday Loves!

Ah the week went by so fast, but when doesn't it right? I wanted to sneak in and share this look with you. This is a special post to me because I feel so connected to this particular T-Shirt that I am wearing. I'm wearing a Jamaican Patio slang T-Shirt from a fellow Jamaican Blogger, Shopstushigalstyle.com. This T-Shirt line was recently launched and I couldn't wait to get m hands on one of these babies.

I chose the "Big Up" slang/quote as it symbolizes respect, assurance, and camaraderie in the Jamaican culture.
. It's perfect for all year round and especially for the olympics season going on right now. Hello Track & Field demolishers!!!!- Did you guys witness the magic of the G.O.A.T-Usain Bolt???

There are other slang/quote options for you to chose from also. Loves, go ahead and get your t-shirt and enjoy a piece of our Jamaican culture as we live and celebrate as one. 

Shopstushigalstyle Patois T-Shirts was created by Johnnalynn and she blogs over at Stusigalstyle. Get to know her and see why she is fab and why her Patois t-shirts are amazing and a must have. I'm a born and bred Jamaican gal and when I co-sign on a Jamaican brand or anything to do with my very own beloved culture, it's definitely a go:) They run true to size and the fabric is soft and very comfortable.

Thanks for swinging by loves and share your look wearing your Stushi Gal Style Jamaican Patois T-shirt by using hashtag #stushigalstyle and you likely be featured on their Instagram account (with your permission of course). 


My patois T-shirt was gifted to me by shopstusigalstyle. All options are 100% my own. 


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your country! I absolutely love this! Sending you the very best Keys❤️❤️❤️

  2. Keyma,

    Thank you SO much for honoring me with such a beautiful look and tribute to our home country Jamaica! We are having such a proud moment right now! You look amazing and elegant as always! One Love!

  3. In love with your outfit hon! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW OUTFIT POST

  4. Perfection! Love your outfit 💖💖💖

  5. Your hair, your look, your smile - you shine bright like a diamond!

  6. The t-shirt is worn with the intent of letting people see it openly and letting them judge the message. Once the message is judged, it is up to the observer to engage and debate. LIARS

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