Breastfeeding Awareness Month + Preparing Myself For Breastfeeding With Walmart

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 Hi Everyone!
Did you know that August is Breast Feeding Awareness Month?! Since becoming pregnant, I have engulfed myself to stay in the know on all things mommy and baby. I also found out that Walmart would be supporting this national event with amazing deals on breast feeding items. This definitely meant I had to grab a few things while it was happening and learn as much as I can about the journey of breast feeding. I ended up purchasing a few things and to be honest, I did most of my purchases based on all the amazing mommy reviews under the products. I was so happy to see all the reviews which made me so much more confident to purchase these items. It actually felt like a support community. 
So, let's get into some of the items I got. 

I plan on breastfeeding my little girl when she comes and I hope it will be a smooth process:) This Lansinoh Disposable Stay Dry Nursing Pads is said to be great for both capturing leakage while not bulging underneath clothing. I also asked a few other mommy friends and they said they loved it because it didn't make them itch compared to others. I got the 100ct and I happy to know I have this part covered for my upcoming journey. 

I absolutely love Earth Mama products. I have drank their teas and used their SPF before and so this gave me confidence to get this Organic Nipple Butter for Breastfeeding and Dry Skin. I decided get this because my breast has gotten dry and dryer since my pregnancy. It's been a relief so far and it smells amazing.  Also, hello Organic!!! I'll definitely continue to use it when the baby arrives as it will be just as safe on my breast for her. Oh,  I've also suffered extremely dry lips so I use it on my lips as little balm and it's great. 
Ok guys, I am winning on this Wynette By Valmont Maternity To Nursing Soft Cup Bra. It comes in a set of two and also colors black and white. It is super soft, great for lounging and sleeping in because hello tender breast! It has been such a great adjustment for me to transition out of my regular bras into these. I have excellent support and I love that the straps aren't wide like most nursing bras. If you plan on getting these, make sure you order a size up. 

 Last but not least, I got this Lansinoh Nipple Cream For Breast Feeding. Since I am currently using Earth Mama on my lips as well, I wanted to try out another nipple cream and this had such excellent reviews I couldn't resist. It's supposed to be great for relieving pain especially after the baby is done suckling or mama is done pumping. I plan on doing both so this way my husband gets to feed her, too. 
I found these items to be super inexpensive and efficient. I'm all about being prepared for my baby girl's arrival in a few months. I'll definitely be back on Walmart.com stocking up on other must haves as I go along this pregnancy. I've also got my eyes on this electric steam sterilizer, this natural baby bottle pink set, and this fragrance free baby wipes. I hear they are all great to have on hand. If you have any recommendations for this first time mama, please do let me know. 

Thanks for reading, Loves!


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  1. new at breast feeding ,ty so much for sharing this !!


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