I Had The Best Facial Of My Life

Hi Loves,

How many of you get your regular facials? You know, once per month type of thing. I sure don't and that is quite unfair to my skin. So over the weekend, I went and got a well needed facial from ZO Skin Center. I remember always hearing about Obagi and the miracles his products and techniques does for the skin so I was quite excited. I was kind of embarrassed to let my beautician know that it has been about 6 months since my last facial- Yikes!!!!
Anyway, Margarita assured me that she was going to do an excellent job on my face and she was compelled that I was going to be pleased. 
Upon entering, everyone was warm and lovely. I was asked to do the usual fill out forms and they offered me comfort. The space itself was very luxurious and classy. I did my treatment at the Beverly Hills location. 
Margarita, my beautician came to get me and brought me to the treatment room. I was all smiles and super excited. She took a look at my face and explained what she will be doing. Of course I naturally trusted her and without a doubt she did an excellent job. 
She gave my skin high boosting oxygen, penetrated peptides and so much good stuff into my skin. She cleared all my black and white heads and continuously reassured me that I will be satisfied. We also had great conversation. I picked up on her warm personality which quite matched mine and we chit chatted through the treatment. I' sure if you aren't talkative, Margarita would honor that. I relaxed through the latter part of the treatment. 
Now, if you cannot tell the difference between my pictures going in and after, you are not seeing well. Usually, I leave a facial feeling not quite photo ready (due to redness etc) but after margarita was done and I looked in the mirror, all I wanted was to snap photos from all angles. 
So, Loves, How do you like me now? For my California, Florida, Cairo, and Dubai readers. Go ahead and make your appointment at the ZO Skin Center. They have locations and products all over the world. If you plan to visit, call and make an appointment. Dr Obagi is world renown and you can trust that you will get the best. 

Hope you enjoyed this read and that it inspired your next ZO Skin Center facial. 



  1. The Zo Skin Centre looks like a great place to get a facial! Your skin is glowing xx


  2. Oh, that was relaxing just to watch you being there. I love to have my face, scull, feet, all of me to be massaged and pampered. I guess at age 66 I am lucking to have a face attached to my facial bone structure.

  3. Wow what an experience babe!!!
    I feel relaxed just by looking at these pics!
    I wish I could do mostly facials!!

  4. I have heard so much good things about Obagi. Your face was practically glowing after your facial treatment!! I wanted to do it too now.

    Xo Sheree

  5. Wow ! I have actually never had a facial and it looks like the ZO skin center is definitely the place to be ! Your aesthetician Margarita certainly took good care of you! I had no idea of the process and details involved! Amazing!

  6. I don't do facials every month either, because I haven't found such a trustworthy beauty salon as you did. I always end up with my sensitive skin destroyed, so I do my best to take care of it myself. But of course being in the hands of a skilled beautician makes a difference. Wow, your skin looks so smooth and glowing. I wish I were there to get such a luxurious treatment! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  7. Amazing experience, love that moment for myself!! btw, we have the same slides lol!!


  8. I haven't had a professional facial actually in years so don't feel bad about 6 months lol. I typically love doing mine myself at home but there's nothing like a pro doing it for you in a luxury setting :)

    I haven't heard of this company but I'm definitely interested now!

    Thanks for sharing,

  9. Facials, one of the best luxuries and good skin necessities on the planet. They’re the best way to make sure your skin stays in tip top condition by clearing clogged pores, soothing tired skin and leaving you with clean, hydrated skin so amazing you’ll swear you were just born. Thanks for sharing these products.
    lifecell anti aging cream :)

  10. A routine facial is really very important to keep skin healthy and glowing. At the same time, it also supplies oxygen to the skin and makes it look fresh and healthy. I do facial in every 3 months. In my daily routine, I use dermology anti aging cream to maintain its freshness and glow.


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