My Pet's Happy Meal Time With Freshpet

Thank you Freshpet for sponsoring this post. Check out Freshpet refrigerated pet food, made with fresh, all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives, truly making a difference you can see and your pet will feel.
Hi Loves,
Many of you have seen my vibrant, rambunctious, and overly energetic Matlipoo Marley on my Instagram, Snapchat, and here on the blog before. Today’s post is all about him, because why not. My lifestyle is quite the ‘healthy & balanced’ kind for the most part. In my home, we tend to mostly eat clean  and we stay away from bad food, most times. Realistically, we indulge every now and again because ‘balance’ is key.
When we got Marley, one of our thoughts were, what would he eat? Do we encourage the same lifestyle for him? So after trying a few brands and researching, we found Freshpet, a refrigerated and all natural pet food made with fresh ingredients. They also, never use chemical preservatives or artificial or odd ingredients like chicken meal. I was reading up on Fresh Pet and found some amazing transformational stories here  on how pets are majorly wild at mealtime; simply enjoying Freshpet. Way to cute!
If there is one thing my dog loves is food and playing. I would say they are both on equal standing. He literally rushes to his feeding pan and gobbles up his yummy Freshpet Food like it’s his last meal. I’m always so amazed. In the afternoons, my guy usually take him for a walk right after he is fed. He is an energetic mess playing with people, running all over the grass and just being playful. I guess it is safe to say, he is satisfied.
Does your furry friend seem bored with his current food? If you are looking to try something new, I would highly recommend Freshpet. You can also find more about their benefits here.

Have a great weekend loves.

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  1. So very precious and special Marley is and of course he deserves the BEST of everything and his food is on the center of his plate! Fresh...yes that is the adjective for this product and Marley, the fresh, perky, and lovable pet.

  2. You look so pretty babe!


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