Getting Dressed With Haute And Borrowed

Well Hello there darlings!
For those of who who watch my silly insta-stories then you likely have seen this dress before. Well, you saw three dresses that I borrowed from Haute and Borrowed. What is Haute and Borrowed? Well let me tell you my little secret. Haute and Borrowed is a website where you can borrow clothing and jewelry monthly based on the membership level you choose. With that membership, you can keep the items as long as you want or exchange them for news ones as many times per month as you like. 

I'm on the Trendsetter membership and I'm seriously thinking of going up to the Wanderlust membership. Being a blogger comes with many perks such as being invited to many events and with that I would like to wear a different outfit to each event. I mean, there is almost always a photographer on site and why wear the same items twice if I can borrow multiple items. Additionally, I do work a full time job, Monday to Friday, and my work environment is pretty stylish and trendy. I also attend lots of work meetings all over town and work trips a few times per year. This works for me. Of course I still have and buy staple items for myself but I find this idea a great option that actually saves me a ton based on my lifestyle. 
It's not just for your blogger or trendy work vibe lifestyle, this can literally work for anyone. The good thing is that Haute and Borrowed has different level of membership. If you are looking for a wedding guest dress or a cute option for a cocktail party, or graduation, then why not just borrow the items rather than buy them which equates to so much more than how much you pay to borrow. 

My other logic is that I almost always only wear occasion pieces just once. I'm thinking, for that one piece's cost, I could wear 2-4 items. I'm winning. 

My items arrived within 2 business days and it came with a pre-paid return label and all I need do is just drop it off in the same box it came in to the USPS. 

Last weekend was a busy one for me and this membership really saved my style life. I will post my other two dresses next week for you to see. 

I've also linked the items I am wearing as you can purchase them in a regular store or better, borrow my dress and necklace from Haute and Borrowed. Check out the original price tag on this dress. You get my drift. 

Hope you found this post useful loves



  1. Loved the outfit and especially the little black ankle hose. I have to get courageous and try the heels and fancy ankle hose with a few of my dresses. Will check into Haute and Borrowed...hmmm...wonder if it would work for me?

  2. I love love the dress. Thank you!!!

  3. Keyma you are looking gorgeous darling. I love the fit and length of the dress and the way you styled it with the stocking and all. Beautiful. (Lats)

  4. Wow babe you look so stunning and elegant in this dress!!!
    LOVE the lace socks detail so pretty and cute.


  5. Yes!! Cute dress, love the jacket and the pairing of the socks and heels...adorbs!



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