My Acer Swift 7 Laptop Is The Most Integral Technology In My Life

This post is in partnership with Acer, a brand I use and love. All opinions are 100% my own. 
Hello there, darlings!

As you guys know from a previous post, I own this amazing Swift 7 laptop from Acer. I love partnering with brands I truly love and talking about them on my blog. Recently I sent out a survey, and I was surprised by how many of you wanted to know more about the business part of my blogging my blogging lifestyle. It also truly warmed my heart to learn that quite a few of you are interested in becoming a blogger/influencer. It's a wonderful, challenging space, and so worth the hard work. I'll go deeper into that topic in another post. 
Now, I wanted to share with you the most integral technology in my life. Well, of course you realize by now that it's my Acer Swift 7. You guys, I LOVE this laptop so much. It's super chic (I love all things chic), thin, light and, super easy to carry around. I can slide it in my handbag or my carry-on luggage with ease whenever I am traveling. It's always by my side whenever I'm home too. It's like we're partners and I don't know how I would live without it :)

I do about 90% of my work and communication on my Acer Swift 7. It powers up and down super fast and, it runs smoothly. The speed, the start menu, the browser ability, and, most importantly the security of Windows 10 are umatched. I run my entire business on this laptop and feel safe and protected. 
Since I'm planning a destination wedding, I'm even more reliant on my Acer Swift 7. Do you realize my whole life is dependent on this laptop? Ha! It's all good though-I have all faith in it and I'm happy I chose it as my lifestyle-technology partner. So, for those of you just getting started or thinking about getting a new laptop, I say invest in one of these. You'll definitely be thanking me later. 
There are so many options out there when it comes to technology. Your laptop should be one that works for you and not the other way around. I've owned quite a few laptops and this Acer Swift 7 is immaculate. You'll love it. 
I hope you enjoyed this read, loves.



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  1. Appreciated the info about Acer Laptop but I also noticed your darling pink low heeled mules/shoes.


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