5 Reasons Why Dreaming Big Will Take You Places

Hi Loves,
I know we all need a little motivational speech every now and again. I'm good for giving my friends and family this type of speech as I am a strong self-motivated person. Even in my days of extreme fatigue I am always thinking of executing my next step. It can be a negative trait because I tend to not know when to stop. As in, I need to be able to hit the pause button, take care of myself and then restart. 
I've always been a dreamer and I strongly believe in dreaming big and taking steps to accomplishing them. Dreaming and no action is simply daydreaming and that does nothing for you. 
1. Dreaming big gives you a purpose. A purpose as to who you want to be, where you want to be in life, and what you would like to accomplish. No dreams=No goals. 
2. Dreaming big is what sets you apart from the rest. We often take on others' dreams or wishes for us and so we never dream for ourselves. How different are you from others if you have no dreams for yourself? 

3. Dreaming big provides a mental and sometimes psychical (ex vision board) road map. I'm a writer,  I write things down. So I'll say, I want to travel to Asia, or Europe next year...I write it down and I then I execute to make it happen. I may work over time, take on an extra job here or there but thats putting actions towards my dream.

4. Dreaming big helps you to encourage others around you. Make no mistake, in this life your circe of family and friends are very important. Sometimes it is you that dream, that helps others to realize and actualize their own dreams. It can be very much a positive ripple effect. 

5. Dreaming big takes you on journeys you would have never actually dream of (if you continue to push through). When I started this blog, It was an outlet to put my creative side to use. I dreamt of partnering with brands but I didn't initially dream as big as getting invited to speaking on panels, being an ambassador for a brand or seeing my face on the main page of a big clothing brand website. It's not that my dreams were small, they just were't defined. However they existed and I kept working and working hard at it. 
Loves, this post was to intentionally motivate you to just dream, believe, and work hard to make those dreams a reality. The road will be tough but with consistency you will see results. 
Have  a great week. 



  1. yasssss! Sis I am actually so shocked that we indeed wrote about the same thing! Damn! I think I just lost my words haha. I think that being surrounded by so many amazing women truly pushed me to envision everything differently and allow myself to have that big goal as well. So thank you for being you babe! Lots of love always <3


  2. Set those goals, believe in yourself and watch those goals become a reality! So proud of you Keys and the life you have created!! Yay for those big dreams! Xx Michelle

  3. I love love love this. You wrote this amazingly sis. You are such an inspirational woman for me, I am so happy that my path has crossed with yours. I am blessed. :)

  4. Love this Keyma..very inspiring.

  5. So proud of you. Keep dreaming baby girl!




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