A Taste Of Jamaica

Hello there Loves!
Ok, so I have been holding out on you guys with sharing bits and pieces of my trip to Jamaica last month. I really didn't not plan on blogging anything at all but I was going through my phone and found a bunch of cool and cute shots and decided not to be a picture hugger and share. I'll be back in Jamaica very soon and I plan of giving you all  abetter experience through photos and possibly video.  I'll also do a decent travel guide on where to go what do and the best insider/local info you can get. 

So here goes: Top photo was taken at Tensing Pen Hotel in Negril. 
I wore this gorgeous lace jumpsuit to a party in Kingston 

Spent a Sunday afternoon with amazing friends in Ocho Rios. We enjoyed beach vibes, good food, and music. 
Shot these photos to capture the beautiful backdrop as we made our way into Ocho Rios
Ocho Rios is filled with greenery and beauty. 
One of my girlfriend traveled with me for a few days and she wanted to go to the market. I took her to the Market in Savanna la Mar, Westmoreland. It's a large open market where you can buy fresh ground provisions, spices, fruits, and authentic Jamaica products. Photo above are of Nutmeg
Above: dried coconuts, scotch bonnet peppers, cho-cho, and garlic. 
Yams, bananas, papaya, and soursop. 
Home made brooms, strainers, and other household items.
Spice shop-  I stacked up on meat seasoning, chicken seasoning, curry powder, all purpose seasoning, fish seasoning, chocolate sticks, and so much more. 
Above: Taken at Rockhouse Hotel, Negril
Fort Charlotte, Lucea- Old fort with remnants of canons and structure that used to guard west. Read more here
I spent most of my time in a quiet part of Negril away from the tourism and local gatherings but close enough to grab food and enjoy all there is. It was relaxing and peaceful, jus tike I wanted it. I woke up and walked a few steps to the beach, enjoyed the pool, sat under the tress and just be. 
Caught a beautiful sunset one evening.
I wore this gorgeous dress on Christmas Day. Made by OMOGECREATIONS
Hope you enjoyed this little "taste" of Jamaica post. 



  1. I need a vacation like this you lucky lady. What great views and what great experiences. I totally need to book a vacation ASAP.


  2. Hello dear, wow what a vacation! All your outfits and photos are beautiful. I need a vacay like this one day. Thank you for sharing with us all.
    Much Love,

  3. OMG girl! This place looks like heaven!!!!!!
    I need to visit Jamaica, I've always wanted to go!
    You look stunning! Great pics!

  4. This reminds me of Haiti so much! The green, the scotch bonnet, coconuts! I was legit in heaven for 2 mins! Thanks for the recap!

  5. Such a stunning place and the resort is heavenly! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  6. Oh my goodness ! Jamaica is such a dream. I really hope to visit some day. You've captured its essence so well and looked so unbelievably gorgeous! Love the green lace outfit and the dress you wore on Christmas! So perfect and flawless!

  7. What a beautiful trip! Loved all your looks from dressy to casual, especially the lace one piece! 🙌🏻

  8. Jamaica is on my bucket list!! I've always wanted to go there. Glad I got to see what it was through your eyes!

  9. So stunning! Love this travel album and fell in love with a green lace jumpsuit!

  10. For not planning to blog about this destination I must say the pics are giving me major wanderlust to Jamaica babe! You look great and you look like you had so much fun.


  11. These pics make me want to go home. I'm happy you decided to share them and I love that dress you're wearing in that last pic! Xx


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