How To Travel Safely With Your Jewelry This Holiday

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I know many of you are planning your holiday getaways as we speak. Most of you are probably making your checklist and packing, myself included. With my upcoming trip, I thought I would share this post with you about storing and keeping jewelry safe while traveling. 

I do travel with a few valuable pieces of jewelry and peace of mind is important for me when I do travel with them. One of the best things you can do is to insure your jewelry and it's as easy as going to Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and doing so. Jewelers Mutual has been insuring jewelry for over 100 years and coverage includes theft, damage, loss, mysterious disappearance. In reality, no matter how careful we are with our jewelry when traveling, accidents happen. That is why there is jewelry insurance.  

Here are five additional tips to help you secure your jewelry this holiday season and for whenever you travel. 

1. Make A List: Make a list or video of all of your jewelry. This will help you to remember what you brought and also can come in handy if lost or stolen for claiming purposes. 

2. Keep Your Jewelry Safe At The Airport: Do not pack your jewelry in your check-on luggage, rather in your carry on or even better, your smallest item/bag such as a handbag. Sometime airlines ask you to check on at the door, large carry-ons. 

3. Try Not To Show Off Jewelry When You Travel: Be as incognito as possible with your valuable pieces. Pay close attention especially in major cities cited for high burglary action. Don't be showy, just wear them gracefully. 

4. Use The Safe In Your Hotel Room: Most hotels provide a safe in each room. Take advantage of it and use the safe to store your jewelry. 

5. Get An Updated Appraisal Before You Travel: Appraise your jewelry every so often. This might just be the time to get an appraisal on your valuable pieces. Adjust your coverage so that you are sufficiently covered. 

No go on with a peace of mind and enjoy your travels. Happy holiday traveling loves

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