How To Get Affordable Data With Walmart Family Mobile Plus Data And A Movie

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Hello Babes, I'm so excited to be filling you in on new found things that have been making my life much easier. You all know that as a blogger it really requires continuous attention to social media, emails, text, calls, and everything that comes with the territory of digital connection. I love it, I love being able to connect with you all wherever we are in the world. That is the one of the beauties of being a blogger. However, sometimes I do slow down on posting on my social media accounts unless I am somewhere where there is wifi, simply because I would run out of data by mid-month. In fairness to me, my guy is also responsible for running through our data with the songs he streams on his phone. When I learned about Walmart Family Mobile PLUS I knew this was going to be my life saver. I'm covered with unlimited talk, text, and data which includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE data. The best part is that this plan is not contracted and I can predict my monthly payments. This is perfect for fellow bloggers, teens, and also as a business phone. 

I'm still thinking to myself my life could have been so much more fun had I known this existed. I'm not the only one who is super excited about this plan, my ever-music-streaming guy has had a constant smile on his face. He loves that this plan, which also includes a free movie on VUDU (a $7 value) every month per line for $49.88. We generally rent one to two movies each month to watch at home. But, honestly, the hassle of returning movies to the box is such a pain sometimes, and then we end up getting extra charge if we are late. Now, we can easily connect the phone to his tablet, stream our movie, and relax with chips & salsa. I'm definitely gung-ho about this, movie night at least once per month, just became fun and stress-free. Whoo-hoo! 

He commented that I won't be a data sergeant anymore, drilling him about his data usage, or blaming him for any extra overage we incur. A mean, we're both thrilled, what else could we ask for? This PLUS plan has added multiple pluses to our lives. We talk more, we share social content more, we bond over silly videos. I'm no longer rejecting calls or counting my text/app messages and the best part? I get to stay connected with you all 24/7. Well, except when I'm sleeping :) 

Once I learned about this awesome deal, I jollily made my way over to my neighborhood Walmart and dashed straight to the Electronics section, and easily spotted the big blue boxes. There are plenty of phone types to choose from, so I chose the LG Leon LTE which cost me $69.82 before taxes. I also bought a starter kit which is needed if you haven't used their plans before. It was so easy to set up. I came, followed the instructions in the starter kit, went online, and in 5 easy steps, I was all set and ready to go. I have been loving the phone and how easy it is to use. More Data equals a happy gal.

With all this said, am I the only one who suffers from data insufficiency? Do you? How do you solve that, and will you be trying out this new plan? 

Loves, please bare in mind that all prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to This Information or your local Walmart for current pricing.  

Thank you for swinging by my loves. Do let me know if this plan has or will change your life too:)

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