Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas 2015

Hello loves! I'm so excited to create this Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas post for you. It took me days to complete it I must admit, but here it is. I've tried my best to incorporate style trends, affordability, color trends, weather conditions for everyone and, an ideas for everyone attending thanksgiving dinner. Well, except Grandpa & the kids. You can let me know if you'd like me to update outfit ideas for them. 

The Everyday Stylish Girl: This is the girl that really likes to maintain trend and style all in one. I've added color tones currently on trend and kept this stylish girl, stylish. 

Set 1:Top / Skirt / Jacket / Ankle Boots / Bag
Set 2: Poncho / Turtleneck Top / Pants / OTK Boots / Bag

The Fancy Woman: Oh, the fancy woman is the eye of the event. While most of our households are warm, cozy and, comfortable dress style, make no mistake that many families celebrate in fine style and dress to kill. 

Set 1: Dress / Shoes / Clutch / Earrings 
Coat (styled for both outfits)
Set 2: Dress / Shoes / Clutch / Earrings 

Plus Size Babes: Hello my beautiful plus size beauties. I've added not one, not two, but three options for you babes. So many ways to add, keep or invent chic into your wardrobe this Thanksgiving by  keeping it simple, classy and cute.

Set 1: Sweater / Leggings / Ankle Boots / Handbag 
Set 3: Cardigan / DressHandbag / Lace-up Flats 

The Mature Woman: The mature woman is that example of timeless style at the dinner table. Always dressed and the one that all the younger ones look and and say, "man when I grow up I want to be just as stylish as mom, aunty, grandma" etc. These sets symbolizes grace. 

Set 1: Top / Pants / Ballet Flats / Handbag / Bracelet
Set 2: Dress / Coat / Hat / Handbag / Boots / Necklace

The Stylish Couple: Well if your like me, you always show up with babe looking dapper and chic. I created this collage and said to my guy "babe would you wear everything in this men's set" He said "I've got everything in your set" lol. I added hints of green in each set just to compliment each other. I love seeing couples stylishly coordinate especially during the holidays. 

Him: Denim Pants / Scarf / Shirt / Boot / Watch / Coat 
Her: Sweater / Skirt / Handbag / Boots / Watch / Nail Polish / Earrings

I hope you find this post helpful and remember this is just ideas for you if you need it. The ideas here do not only go for Thanksgiving, it is very much any event for which you seek inspiration.
Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving. 


  1. Keyma!! This is beautifully done! I love the Fancy Woman- how lovely to get all dressed up like that! I hope your Thanksgiving will be so blessed my sweet girl!❤️ Michelle

    1. Thank you Michelle. I love the Fancy Woman too:)

  2. Simply wow outfits!! Truly in love with them. Thanks for these great outfit ideas. Will have a beautiful dress for my party at Venues in NYC. Will order it from an online store as they are giving gorgeous dresses on great discount.


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