San Francisco State of Mind

View of the Golden Gate Bridge
Cable Cars
In the heart of Union Square
The Painted Ladies-Read about them Here

Coffee at Emporio Rulli
Fisherman's Wharf-yummy street seafood.
In Fisherman's Wharf I stopped by a local artist vendor to get my picture drawn. So cool!!!
Ride The Ducks Tour- I recommend this tour to see the city. It is not your traditional drive around the city tour. The highlight is that the bust takes you down to the AT&T Park by way of the ocean. The bus literally sails into the ocean and take you around the harbor.
Spotted these awesome GPS Go Car- Well only few miles to Silicon Valley what else to expect. Will try this on my next visit.
Stayed at the wonderful Westin St. Francis in Union Square. This Hotel was the perfect location nested in the middle of Union Square. You can just step out of the hotel, turn left or right, grab a cab/uber/lyft/cable car/walk.
Hi Guys!!!!In My previous post I talked about my trip to Napa Valley and today I wanted to share a few photos of San Francisco. San Francisco is a whole different vibe from Los Angeles. This city is located in Northern California and boasts cooler climates and lots of  history. To read more about San Fran visit here> San Francisco
Our stay was amazing, we enjoyed the locality of the city and explored the stores, restaurants, coffee shops, city views and landmarks. I will give you three tips for your visit to San Francisco:
1. Do not drive/rent a car if you do not have to (hotel fees for parking your car can go up to $70/Day
2. Buy a Cable Car Pass-it is an easy (except for long lines) and cool way to see and get around the city. If not use uber/lyft
3. Ladies: Pack a  cross body bag, a shoulder back will hold you back because you can spend a whole day out.
*Make sure you have breakfast at Sears Fine Foods or Mama's
* Side note:leave you credit cards at home there are so many stores to go shopping. Hehe.
Thanks for reading guys, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email



  1. Great Hotel and darling sun glasses! Are those Kate Spade?

    1. Oh I so loved staying at that hotel. WIll definitely visit again. The glasses are actually from ASOS. I can see a Kate Spade look on them too as you said it. hehe


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