Jumper & Birk

Have you ever had to run errands but just really wanted to be "cute&comfy"? Well I had a scroll of errands to run and decided to jump into this jumper. I added the world's most comfy sandals and a white shirt and kaboom!!!!!!

Tee: Target, Jumper: c/o Ross Stores, Sandals: Birkenstock c/o Nordstrom, Cross-body Bag(vintage): Louis Vuitton, Sunnies: Jimmy Choo c/o Nordstrom Watch: Fossil, Necklace(on sale now): Charlotte Russe, Rings: Pandora&Charlotte Russe, Nail Polish (gifted) Sally Hansen, Lips: NYX 
Hope everyone is getting or got their errands done:)
Thanks so much for reading
Happy Style Weekend..xoxo!


  1. Looks comfy for sure...

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  3. I have Yet To wear my short jumper and summer is over :( I'm still trying to get used to these few extra lbs which I'm very self conscious about (I'm not as skiny as I used to be before I had my daughter) So I'm shopping all the time but dnt wear not even half the clothes I buy.... blah blah blah... I talk way too much lol
    Looks simple and comfy tho :)

    1. aww honey!!! can tbeleive you let summe rgo out wityhout wearing your jumper. Tow things, one you can still wear it quick before the summer is fully fully out. But if you are concerned about your body, then wear it night time. Like to get a drink or movies. That way you get to hide some of your imperfections. In the winter/fall you can still wear it. Add some thick black stockings with thigh high flat boots or black/leopard flats, a black long sleeve blouse and a black coat. Add a gold necklace and a black hand bag or cross body bag and you are good to go. I say black for everything except the jumper so as to hide the idea of the jumper in the winter/fall. The black will out do it but still keep it stylish:) xoxo


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