Fedora Lova


Barbeque What? Barbeque Where? Oh, am there! Being that I love food and it is still summertime, I will make it to any BBQ invite. I had a few errands to run before the BBQ. I love a green and light blue combo.
Top: gap.com Pants: c/o TJmaxx Glasses: hm.com Shoes (Toms) : c/o nordstrom.com Watch (borrowed from my Mr.) fossil.com Belt: guess.com Hat: (borrowed from my Mr.- he purchased it at Disneyland-It has cute Mickey ears on the side)!!

How do you dress for BBQs?


  1. I'm so glad u started this blog u don't even know it, u renewed the confidence I had in myself when I throw a quick look together.... usually I'd be so darn self conscious and think I look ridiculous lol
    I love to shop at Gap, Old Navy and h&m and tend most times to go for pieces that are comfortable and tomboyish (is there even such a word) lol for everyday casual wear but dnt get me wrong I'm a succer for a nice pair of stilettos and something sexy when I need to be girly and all glamed up...
    But yea a fedora is one of my must have piece in my wardrobe and u can never go wrong with a really nice pair... xoxo

    1. Hey doll:) aww hugs and hugs and hugs! This is my goal, to touch or influence at least one person. Promise me you will do you!!! Just own it. I love 'tomboyish" style too. For me this blog is also about exploring my fashion as I tend to mostly stick with the usual going out or doing something. I love those stores too!! hehe.


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